Criticism of polygyny

15-1-2002 | IslamWeb


I have read your defense of having multiple wives. You say it is good because some women would not have husbands otherwise. If there were more men than women would you say the women should have multiple husbands? I think not. Many of your quotes only point to the base desires of the human flesh. Where is the purity God desires for us? In the beginning God made Adam and Eve. One man and one woman. That is what He desires for us!


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

Islam has enacted marriage and prohibited adultery and fornication for some great wisdom and important goals that are - to some people - not seen. So, they become low and corrupted since they follow their bestial nature only; consequently, Allah has punished them by diseases that were not known before.
In this vein, the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: "When whoredom becomes apparent in some nations, and they do it in public, plague and new diseases - which were not before - will be spread among them"[al-Hakim and Ibn Majah].
Islam in enacting the institution of marriage and prohibiting adultery maintains lineage and all related rulings such as fatherhood, sonship, inheritance, rules related to marriage, expenses, social rights and upbringing of children.
In addition, the mixing of lineages leads to destruction of family and suspension of the above-mentioned rights and rulings, as is prevalent among many of non-Muslims.
For sure, the above-named purposes of marriage will be maintained in maximum in case of polygyny since, according to modern statistics, the present time witnesses paucity of males and abundance of females due to war and catastrophes. This, in turn, pushes the sane one to choose:
1. One wife and leave many women single in a situation full of temptation and pimps; which may drive them to what is Haram. (2) More than one wife, but with the Sharia rules and limitations.
As for polyandry, called for by women's liberation propagandists, it is the core of corruption that contradicts sound human nature. It is the pick, which destroys our societies, interrupts social ties and causes rights to be lost.
Thus, women's liberation causes children to be without fathers or mothers who can satisfy their needs, materially or emotionally.
In addition, such societies again will return to the pre-Islamic period or even to the age before receiving Divine inspiration. As a result, women will be led to live searching for food among sinful people, after she was maintained and honored at her home.
Allah knows best.