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  • Syrian child workers 'left behind in life'

    On a bustling street in this city near the border with Syria, a tiny boy among other children tries to sell chocolate biscuits in a box. "Would you buy one?" he keeps asking, while pulling his loose, dirty trousers up to his thin waist. Seven-year-old Atman Khalil is the youngest member of his family, having fled its war-torn hometown of.. More

  • UN study details widespread abuse of children

    A UN report states that around 120 million girls worldwide have been forced to have sex and that globally one-fifth of murder victims from both sexes are under 20 years old, resulting in 95,000 deaths in 2012. Drawing on data from 190 countries, the report released on Thursday from the UN children's agency, UNICEF, notes that children around the world.. More

  • Egypt's Rabaa deaths 'crime against humanity'

    A new report has alleged that the Egyptian security forces' killings of at least 1,000 protesters at the Rabaa al-Adawiya Square sit-in last year in Cairo "most likely amount to crimes against humanity". The 195-page Human Rights Watch (HRW) report released on Tuesday found that Egyptian security forces "gunned down hundreds of unarmed.. More

  • UN: Seven million people need aid in Sudan

    Almost seven million people in Sudan are in urgent need of aid after the influx of refugees from the conflicts in Darfur and South Sudan worsened the crisis in the African nation, the UN said. The figure is a jump from the United Nations' previous estimate of 6.1 million, issued last year. Aid agencies urgently need funding "to assist 6.9 million.. More

  • UN: Record 50 million people now displaced

    The United Nations refugee agency has said that at the end of last year more than 50 million people had been forced from their homes worldwide, the highest figure of displaced people since World War II. In its annual Global Trends report, released on Friday, UNHCR said that out of the 51.2 million people displaced, half of them were children, many.. More

  • UN: S Sudan children facing starvation

    More than 50,000 children in South Sudan face death from disease and hunger, the United Nations has warned while seeking over $1bn to support those hit by six months of civil war. "The consequences could be dire: 50,000 children could die this year if they do not get assistance," UN aid chief for South Sudan Toby Lanzer said on Saturday at.. More

  • Palestinian hunger strike passes 40-day mark

    Just outside the Tbeish family home, people began to gather at sunset. Some carried flags, but most held posters of the town's native son, Ayman. A child carried a placard depicting a young man in chains; "Ayman is dying" read another sign, held by an elderly man. In what has almost become a weekly event, neighbors and complete strangers.. More

  • Palestinian double-refugees struggle in Gaza

    "Death was all over the place. Projectiles were not stopping … we miraculously fled the camp." This is how Palestinian refugee Alaa Barakat described his last moments in Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus in December 2012. Barakat lived in the camp with his wife and two children, a three-year-old and a five-month-old. The Yarmouk camp,.. More

  • Amnesty: Torture is alive and flourishing

    The use of torture is widespread 30 years after the United Nations adopted a convention outlawing the practice, Amnesty International has said. At least 44 percent of more than 21,000 people from 21 countries surveyed by the London-based rights group for its new report released on Monday, said that they would not feel safe from torture if arrested.. More

  • Anti-Palestinian arson attacks on the rise

    This week, Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Nazareth had a note delivered at his home. It warned that he and his followers had until May 5 to leave the "land of Israel". On Tuesday April 29, Israeli police announced that a Jewish man from Safed had been arrested after delivering that note. In a similar incident, vandals.. More

  • Report: Racism becoming more widespread in France

    Racism has increased among French people according to an annual report by the French National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH) on the fight against racism. The report released Tuesday said 35 percent of surveyed French people acknowledged being racist comparing to 29 percent in 2012. Nine percent among them said they are "quite.. More

  • Seeking shelter in Iraqi Kurdistan

    Holding her son's death certificate in one hand, Layla Awad explained that she had been provided with basic aid but struggles financially after the men in her family were killed in November. "Both of my sons are dead but I have not been given their pension yet," she said. Awad's two sons and husband were killed in an attack in Fallujah,.. More

  • Syria doctors flee amid crackdown

    Mohammed has paid a heavy price for treating the wounded in his home country. In late 2012, he was working as a field doctor in Damascus when he became the target of a brutal crackdown on those providing medical assistance to the injured in opposition-held areas. "I left Syria after I was detained three times," he told Al Jazeera from his.. More

  • Millions at risk in the Sahel food crisis

    The UN is seeking $2bn this year to combat food insecurity in Africa's Sahel region, where 1.2 million people have been forced to flee their homes because of violence. UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos announced the appeal in Rome on Monday, saying "more people than ever" were at risk of hunger. The UN projects 20 million people to be at.. More

  • Syrian refugees focus on survival, not Geneva

    Thousands of displaced families living in Lebanon are focused on daily concerns rather than ‘peace talks’. As delegates meet in Geneva for a second time to discuss peace in Syria, Lebanese army tanks rolled past bullet-scared buildings in Tripoli's Sunni neighborhood of Bab al-Tabbaneh. Watching them pass along Syria Street, men on the.. More