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  • The distorted image of Muslim women

    Since the height of the feminist movement in the late 70's there has been a magnifying glass placed over the status of Muslim women. Unfortunately, the magnifying glass that has been used is an unusual one. Unusual in the sense that it is very selective about which items it will magnify; other items it will distort to such a degree that they will no.. More

  • Controlling anger: an essential skill for educators - II

    Keep your energy for construction not destruction: If a person does not control himself in critical situations and surrenders to the dictates of anger and strong agitation, he will find himself consuming an enormous quantity of his inner energy, which is supposed to be exploited in the process of construction, education, teaching, constructive dialogue,.. More

  • Controlling Anger: An Essential Skill for Educators - I

    A US TV channel presented a series on the views of children on the way in which their parents discipline them. The channel hosted some intelligent children who are able to articulate their views clearly and strongly every week, and in doing so, they would ask them a set of questions. In one of the episodes, a mother listened to her child on the television.. More

  • Qiwaamah - from two different perspectives

    The advocates of women rights who fiercely defend the right of women to work, do not rely on a sound humanitarian philosophy that regards this right to be a means of integrating the two halves of society, namely, men and women, nor is it an expression of their belief that Islam honors woman and regards her as a human being with full competency. Hence,.. More

  • The Evil Consequences of Neglecting to Enjoin Good and Forbid Evil

    Muslims who neglect enjoining good and forbidding evil hold this corrupted saying as a pretext, "Leave the creation for Allah The Almighty to judge them; I am not responsible for all human beings", and the like. In one of his speeches, after praising Allah The Almighty, Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “O people, you read.. More

  • When You Wear Your Hijab…

    What is the reward that you should seek from Allah The Almighty when you wear your full Hijab (Islamic covering) that is in conformity with the injunctions of the Sharee‘ah (Islamic legislation)? • The reward of listening to, obeying and submitting to the command of Allah The Almighty and His Messenger, sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Allah.. More

  • Equality between man and woman in competency

    The woman is just like man in social and financial competency because the qualifier for competency is reason and woman is equal to man in this regard. This will clearly appear when we speak in a later article about the woman’s social and economic status in detail. However, here, we will mention two examples that may be considered as a general.. More

  • The Way to your Family's Happiness - I

    Happiness: The desired goal ‎ Happiness is the paradise of dreams that all people ‎long for, but the question that has perplexed humanity since ancient times is, “Where is happiness?” Many people have searched for it in the wrong place and returned with broken hearts, like the one who went to search for pearls in the desert. Yes,.. More

  • The Way to your Family's Happines - III

    • Approving forbidden acts in the house: This factor is closely related to the first key cause of family break-up (‎neglecting Divine commandments regarding ‎marital life). That is because observance of the Ordinances of Allah The Almighty removes all evil from the house and vice versa. Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, we should know.. More

  • The Way to your Family's Happiness - II

    Key causes of family break-up The break-up of a family means unraveling of family ties and love among members of the same family. As a result, the home loses its key role in guiding children and regulating their behavior, and is almost relegated to the status of a 'hotel' that provides nothing but food and a place to sleep. Undoubtedly, this is very.. More

  • Women's Inheritance Laws in Judaism and Christianity

    What is the stance of the Jewish and Christian scriptures on women’s inheritance? We can say that the stance of the Christians is summarized in this statement in Mathew [5: 17] where it says, “17Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” This indicates.. More

  • A Husband is Grateful to a Good Mother

    On a moonlit summer night, the Mujaahid cavalier returned home after being away for thirty years fighting Jihaad. He had left behind his newly-wed bride with an unborn baby inside her. The horseman looked right and left trying to remember the house where his wife and child, about whom he knew nothing, lived. Features of the Prophetic City, Madeenah,.. More

  • Help your loved ones stop smoking

    A fifth of the world's population is Muslim, and most Muslims live in areas where the prevalence of smoking is high and increasing by the day. According to statistics, it is estimated that out of the five million people who die due to smoking related causes every year, one million are Muslims. Yet, thanks to media influences and advertising,which erroneously.. More

  • A lesson in pain

    Michelle Al-Nasr Allah Almighty Says what means: "Say, 'O My servants who have transgressed against themselves (by sinning), do not despair of the Mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.'” [Quran 39:53] Sometimes it takes a lot to make us wake up.... to make us reset our priorities..... More

  • You made him lie!

    I asked him, “Why are you distressed? What is wrong? Has anything bad happened?” He said, “I am so distressed because of my son, Ahmad.” I asked, “Why?” He said to me, “He lies. My son lies! I have done my best to advise him and warn him against lying; however, every time he proves to me that I failed.” I.. More