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  • Methods of Westernizing women and its effects - II

    … Continued The Western experiment of women working outside of their homes has proved its negative effects, some of which are as follows: „X In the United States, more than 5600 children were admitted to the hospital in one year, because of physical abuse by their working mothers; some of them were also afflicted by disabilities. „X In.. More

  • Methods of Westernizing women and its effects - I

    The corruption of women is the corruption of the entire family and society, owing to its profound effect on children and youth. What we most significantly see today are well-designed schemes that have found their way into schools and universities, and led to the Westernization and secularization of women, and kept them away from their religion. All.. More

  • Combating Fear Among Our Children - II

    A Dialogue with a Teacher After the lesson was over, the mother of Hasan and Husayn went quickly to the teacher and thanked her for that knowledge, and asked her to give her some time to speak with her, and she welcomed the request. The mother sat with the teacher and started to complain to her of the state of her children, Hasan and Husayn. She said,.. More

  • Building the Child's Moral Strength - II

    Importance of a role model in building morals: Dear person who assumes the upbringing process, Anas ibn Maalik, may Allah be pleased with him, who lived with the best role model in terms of morality, narrated how he had experienced this in the character of the beloved Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Anas, may Allah be pleased with him,.. More

  • Combating Fear Among Our Children - I

    After the party Dr. Ahmad and his family returned home after a long party in the house of a family friend on the occasion of the children's success. Exhausted, the parents entered their room to sleep. Not wanting to sleep, both Hasan and Husayn, young twins, sat in their room and played and laughed in a disturbingly loud voice which annoyed their.. More

  • Children's Names: Between Destruction and Construction

    Islam greatly cares for the Muslim child and the creation of the units of sound upbringing from which he grows and is nurtured and which contain all the factors of righteousness which help the child to be righteous and pious as Allah The Almighty ordered His slaves. Such care encompasses everything that contributes to the righteousness of the child,.. More

  • Moral Power and Building the Child's Morals - I

    To develop the proper conduct of the child, you should teach him the duties that he has to do, and this takes place by being a role model and by sound upbringing and guidance. The child will not learn to be truthful except from a truthful educator. The child will not learn honesty except from an honest educator, and so on. The father who picks up.. More

  • Employment concerns for working Muslim women – I: Islamic guidelines

    Before a Muslim woman seeks employment, she must carefully weigh all of her options and prepare herself for inevitable challenges. Every day, many Muslim women cope with the challenge of working in a non-Muslim environment: a male employee offers his hand during introductions, other employees begin to discuss private aspects of their lives at lunch,.. More

  • How to respect your parents

    A.Introduction: There are many days set aside in non-Islamic societies to honour and appreciate special people; examples of these are Father's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and Labour Day. In Islam, however, respecting, honouring and appreciating parents is not just for a single day of the year, but rather for each and every day. B.Parents in the.. More

  • The traps of Satan for women on the Web

    The Internet remains the first ever outlet for advocates of true causes and meritorious values, so as to disseminate their knowledge, manners and benefits, at a time when the global media is mostly dominated by evil. Naturally, though, the Web houses religious, intellectual and didactic trends from all over the world. No distinction is made in terms.. More

  • Our Children and the Battle of the Supermarket - II

    In the previous article, what did the child teach his mother? The mother learnt from her child that the means to have peace and quiet, and not to get involved in embarrassing situations is to execute the child's orders: i.e. to buy the box of candy. Thus, the child has established a new behavioral type, and it is on this basis that the relationship.. More

  • Our Children and the Battle of the Supermarket - I

    Every time four-year-old Khaalid goes to the supermarket with his mother, he asks for a box of candy, and his mother refuses right away. However, a few minutes later, he starts insisting on buying candy, and the mother persists in her refusal, saying to him, "No." At the mother's refusal of the child's request for the third time, Khaalid becomes.. More

  • What Do Scholars Say about Intermixing? - II

    • Shaykh Ibn Baaz, may Allaah have mercy upon him, answering the advocates of permissiveness and necessity of intermixing between the sexes: In answer to the Director of San‘aa’ University, Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Muqaalih, who wrote an article in As-Siyaasah newspaper in 24/7/1404 AH, calling for intermixing between the sexes in educational.. More

  • What Do Scholars Say about Intermixing? - I

    • Imam Ash-Shaafi‘i, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said in his book Al-Umm, "I do not like women to be buried with men in a single grave as long as there is no necessity. However, if this is necessary, then the man should be in front and the woman in the back along with a separator of dust between them." Imam Ash-Shaafi‘i,.. More

  • O Parents! You Cannot Build Without a Model - II

    Dr. ‘Ali Hassoon spoke about the upbringing of Sultan Muhammad Al-Faatih saying, Since his succession to the throne of the Ottoman Empire in 855 A.H. (1451 CE), he was looking forward to the conquest of Constantinople and thinking about it. He was raised by scholars who instilled love for Islam in him and taught him how to adhere to the Quran.. More