78 fatwas

  • Religious discussion with a Christian Date: 18-6-2000

    While I was in a religious discussion with a Christian at work, I told him about Prophet Muhammad and explained to him he was prophisized by Isa too. The man rejected me and said to me plainly," it's not easy for someone to claim himself as prophet". I became frustrated and answered him in return and "even worse for someone to claim himself as God"... More

  • Jesus as son of God Date: 25-8-1999

    What is the stand of Islam on the assertion of Christians that Prophet Isah (Alaihi Salam) is the son of God?.. More

  • Jesus saying a last Prophet will come Date: 13-8-1999

    In the bible, Jesus said that a last prophet will come and that we have to follow him. This page of the bible has been burned. Which surah says this ?.. More