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  • Want to Have a Child After their Son Became Old

    Is it possible that in a house if parents are having 4 children already.... and the elder one is about 20 years almost ready for marriage and at that point parents decide to have another child? .. More

  • China Cremating Bodies of Coronavirus

    Cremation of bodies due to epidemic? Assalamu Alykum. China is has prohibited burials and funerals for virus victims and in result is cremating all of the bodies to avoid more spreading of the virus. My question is, what would be the ruling be in this case? I understand that cremation is completely haram. But this is an epidemic and the government.. More

  • Defending One’s Wealth against The Aggressor or Pardoning Him

    Which is better, to protect our wealth, or be patient when someone tries to take it over wrongfully?, i mean what i know is the one who killed protecting their wealth is a martyr, but being patient when someone wronged us is a good thing too. .. More

  • Urinates While Standing

    Is it permissible for a person to urinate standing up? I get disgusted very easily and therefore I am not able to sit on toilet seats in toilets at work or anywhere outside of my home. If I urinate standing up (I don't perform ghusl) can I perform wodoo and then pray? I am new to islam and I find the rulings on tahara very difficult .. More

  • Shaping or Styling The Moustache

    Assalamu alaykum, I would like to know if it is permissable to shape or style the moustache when trimming it? .. More

  • Saheeh At-Targheeb wat-Tarheeb by Al-Albaani

    Assalam aalekum sheikh I read sahih at Targheeb wat Tarheeb please tell me whether all the Hadith present in sahi at Targheeb wat targheeb is authentic this book contains 3775 Hadith. .. More

  • Shaykh Asks Students About the Mistakes of Their Classmate

    is this kind of teaching method in tajwid and tahsin permissible ?. so one person recite something from the qur'an the best he can, then the teacher asked the others whether that guy have made a mistake or not, and if yes, tell where the mistake is. Because im afraid this may be form of shaming someone in front of others. .. More

  • Recovering A Lost Land With Partner

    Assalamualaikum May i know about unknown unclear about a work . My friend got inherited a land contract document after the death of his parents but useless zero condition land contract neglected for 80 years . Not even know land location where is it . His parents not told anything about that land . Land area is nearly two acre . Tried two times but.. More

  • Loves a Girl Who Does Not Wear Hijaab

    I feel so sad for my high school classmate girl who doesn't wear the hijab. I know that I am not allowed to look at a non muhram girl, so I advised her with text messages on whatsapp, but she still doesn't wear the hijab. I also told her to just read the messages and not reply to them, and she agreed. I really love her and I want to see her on the right.. More

  • Relieved Himself behind The Bushes

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband broke down early morning on the way to work. He was very desperate to relieve himself and couldn’t hold it in so went behind the bushes and defecated. He cannot remember whether he said the toilet dua and now concerned if any harm will come to him due his forgetfulness. .. More

  • Gifted His Father and Deprived Others

    Assalamu alaykum, While my grandfatger was alive he gave my father a house, but he did not give any house to his other children. I am unemployed and live with my father i want to start working from home as a freelancer. Is it permissible for me to live and use the electricity from that home to charge my equipments like laptop? If i charge my laptop.. More

  • Effect of Watching Bad Series

    Asalamu alaikom In a series i was watching a character made a joke about sex and called it "holey war" (talking about the holes in the human body) so they made a joke about holy wars. Is this making fun of jihad ? And if so, can i still watch this show ? .. More

  • Doubts His Ritual Purity

    If one is certain that they broke their state of purity, and thinks that they may have done wudoo afterwards, but they aren't certain that they did, should they do wudoo before praying as they aren't sure about their state of purity? I assume that if the person was required to do wudoo before praying, then they would have to make up the prayers that.. More

  • Attending a Function When a Girl Reaches Puberty

    Assalamu alaikum In my village people have a practice of conducting functions when the girl attains puberty. They hold a grand feast and invite relatives and dress her up. Is this permissible in islam. Can i attend such a function? If i dont attend my family members say that i am breaking family ties. I told them that i woill not attend the function.. More

  • Praying till Feet Get Swollen Is Acceptable

    assalaamu alaykum, if it is haraam to harm yourself then how did the prophet pray till his feet were swollen. Please explain .. More