2354 fatwas

  • Prays in Room in Front of a Girl Date: 21-9-2022

    My question is, can my female teacher give personal sessions to help with my school work, what about if a female teacher comes in to my class and wants to collect me for whatever educational reason takes me out of my class and into another room am I sinful and finally I pray at my school (it is not an islamic school) but sometimes it’s nearly time.. More

  • The Prayer of One who Looks at People’s Reflection in the Mirror Date: 1-9-2022

    if someone is looking back when performing solah through the glass in his front .. More

  • Observing Prayer Behind Imam That Leans Up On Something When Standing Up Date: 1-9-2022

    Salam Aleikum,Is it permissible to pray behind an imam who cannot stand upright except by support? He must hold the wall occasionally during the prayer to find balance and outside the salah he must use a walking stick. And are prayers valid if I pray behind Sufi groups who recite burdah qasidah?JazakAllah khayr .. More

  • Shortening the Prayer in a City where One Has Relatives or House Date: 25-8-2022

    assalamualaikum, i am moving form my home town to another city for 2 weeks but in that city we also bought a house and one of my family member also live there (not permanant) so do i have to perform qasar namaz in that city or perfom same as in my town?jazakallah .. More

  • The Ruling about Performing Prayer Very Fast in a Way that Recitation Could not be Understood Date: 9-8-2022

    Assalam o alaikum dear scholars. What is ruling about performing taraweeh very fast in a way that recitation could not be understood/heard clearly. Is this way of performing taraweeh acceptable to Allah. Jazakallah .. More

  • Ruling on Hesitation in Interrupting the Prayer Date: 7-8-2022

    Does intention to break the salah, or wavering on whether to break the salah, break the salah? Specifically in the Maliki and Hanafi schools. For example, if I decide to end salah prematurely, is my salah automatically nullified, even if I did not take any actions? What if during prayer, I think about whether to break the salah, and then decide against.. More

  • Prostration of Forgetfulness for Doubting the First Tashahud Date: 7-8-2022

    I was doubtful on wether or not I have said attashhud at the first sitting after the second rakah and did prostration of forgetfulness before assalam (ending the prayer), but was still doubtful on whether that will suffice, so I stood up (still before assalam) and did one rakah to replace the mistake I think I made. Is my salah still valid?And what.. More

  • Praying Qunoot During Hard Times Date: 1-8-2022

    In the hanbali madhab we are supposed to pray qunut during Fajr and other prayers if there's a time of nawazil. If I understood correctly. What is and isn't nawazil? .. More

  • It is Impermissible to Perform the Prayer while Doubting the Beginning of its Time Date: 31-7-2022

    NEED URGENT ANSWER: My local mosque began to pray the ‘ishaa’ prayer at 10:15pm here in Britain (UK) and I recently saw the existence of the red afterglow still in the sky from my garden at 10:19pm, which isn't visible from my room window. I cautioned the imaam of the mosque on this and he said that the white light exists till fajr. I clarified.. More

  • Paying to the Imam for Taraweeh Prayer Date: 31-7-2022

    Assalaamu 'alaykumI asked a boy to lead me and a few other people in Taraweeh prayer in my building. As a result, he did not go to his village this Ramadaan where he could have earned some money for leading people in Taraweeh prayer over there. He did not tell me anything about giving him money and I did not tell him either that I won't be giving him.. More

  • Making a Mistake in the Intention of the Prayer Date: 31-7-2022

    Assalamu alaykum. Suppose I being Imam say takbir and the followers behind me also say takbir and start zuhr salah. But after a while I remembered that i had made a mistake in my niyyah. So I say takbir again but in low voice and start praying from the begining. But the followers dont know that fact. Is the salah of mine and the followers valid? .. More

  • Discharges Emitted from the Eyes Are Pure Date: 31-7-2022

    Is discharge from eye pure? If it is come in contact in cloth / body/ other things ,will it be impure? Does purity or impurity depends on colour of eye discharge?If during washing face in ablution this discharge comes out & spread all over the face & hand ,all of those things will be impure and ablution ,prayer will be cancelled? This seems.. More

  • Saying Mention of Allah in Other than at their Proper Place Does not Invalidate the Prayer Date: 25-7-2022

    Assalamu-Aleykoom, I was praying fajr prayer by myself (I missed the jama'a prayer) and while I was sitting, instead of saying the tahiyya I began reciting surat ilfatiha. Out of habit, I said astaghfirillah and then said the tahiya and continued from there until I finished the prayer. Is saying astaghfirillah in prayer during a sequence where there.. More

  • Praying Istikhaarah for Guidance to Follow the Right Opinion Date: 25-7-2022

    Assalamu Alaikum,If there are multiple Islamic opinions on an issue and someone is having trouble decisding on which opinion to follow, can they pray Istikhara to ask for guidance in following the right opinion?Thank you .. More

  • The Ruling of the Second Tasleem at the End of the Prayer Date: 22-6-2022

    Assalam o alaikum sorry i wrote previous question wrong.what if i did not say "ha" in wordwallah allah in SECOND TASLEEM OF PRAYER do I have to prostrate for forgetfullness.because i was sitting beside boy and felt ashamed to repeat tasleem. Does this invalidate prayer.? Is this Riya(feeling ashamed after finishing tasleem) i had also in mind that second.. More