2394 fatwas

  • Is it true that whatever goodness you receive is from Allah and whatever bad you receive is from yourself? Date: 26-9-2023

    Is it true that whatever goodness you receive is from Allah and whatever bad you receive is from yourself? .. More

  • Reasons that allow combining prayers Date: 26-9-2023

    Asalamu alaykom. I used to combine prayers, mainly magrib and isha, when i came back home after going out , sometimes with friends, and combined them at the time of isha. Also i once combined asr at the time of duhr before leaving the house to meet my friends. This was done in winter, as in the UK, the prayer times were close together and hard to perform.. More

  • Seeking Allah's guidance to make a decision concerning something Date: 13-9-2023

    Assalamo alaikum, My question is regarding istikhara. I liked a guy, and did istekhara for marriage with him. Soon after it, things started getting bad between us and persisted for some time. I again did istekhara, and my heart was convinced to say no. I said no to him. He contacted again after about 2 weeks, i was interested too. We talked for some.. More

  • Ruling on Reciting Al-Fatihah by the Person Led in Prayer Date: 13-9-2023

    When should I stop reciting fatiha in salah? Should I stop when the imam starts to recite takbir intiqal to ruku' or when he is in ruku' position fully?. The imam started to recite takbir for ruku' while I just finished recited "Iyya kana'budu wa Iyya kanasta'iin" and I didn't continue the next verse, should I repeat this prayer? .. More

  • Ruling on combing prayers in northern countries during residence Date: 19-6-2023

    Please do not redirect me to a different answer.I've read that it's permissible to combine maghrib and isha in northern countries, like sweden, during the period of time around summer where the night is very short and isha is late and fajr is early. Earlier today Fajr was at 01:53, or 02:22 according to another schedule. Isha will be at 23:29 by the.. More

  • Missing the second sujood (prostration) out of forgetfulness in the first rak'ah Date: 23-5-2023

    Aslaamu alaikumI missed the second sujood out of forgetfullness in my first rakah of fajr, i remebered in my second rakah during al fatihah i carried on and prayed a extra rakah and did sajda as sahw Is this correct? or would i have to make up my fajr.Jazakumallahu khairan. .. More

  • Made a mistake in the Prostration of Forgetfulness - what to do? Date: 22-5-2023

    If one doubts or makes a mistake in sujood as-sahu, then does he/she perform another sujood as-sahu after the salam? Please give answer for both forgetting/making a mistake in both the sujood as-sahu before salaam and the one done after the salaam. .. More

  • Ruling on joining non-Muslims in their prayers Date: 9-5-2023

    My dad and i are muslim and my mum is christian. I still live with my parents and my mum always asks me to pray with her in the mornings. Is it permissible to do so? .. More

  • Qunoot supplication in Witr prayer Date: 13-4-2023

    Do I recite dua qunoot loudly or silently while praying witr in congregration with my wife? If loudly, What is she supposed to say or do while I'm reciting dua qunoot? .. More

  • The position of hands in Prayer Date: 11-4-2023

    Can asking a question constitute kufr or shirk? For example, if one is wondering how shayateen can effect many people in their prayer would it be kufr or shirk for such a person to ask or ponder if jinns or shaytan can be in 2 places at once? .. More

  • How to make up for the missed 'Asr (afternoon) prayer? Date: 10-4-2023

    My question is regarding making up a missed Asr prayer. My husband, me and pre-teen boys were at a public function (the Qatar National Day function) on Monday. It was supposed to start at 3 and finish by 4, with prayer and toilet facilities arranged etc. However, when we reached the venue, we realized how crowded it all was and we couldn't move from.. More

  • How to act when the Imam breaks his ablution during Prayer? Date: 10-4-2023

    assalamu alaykum. supppse i join imam in the 3rd rakah of zuhr salah. after salam i stand to complete my missed portion. then i noticed that imams wudu had broken in salah or before salah, so they start to repeat the salah. what should i do then? .. More

  • Is it permissible for the Imam to make Dhikr or supplication in his silence after the recitation of Al-Faatihah? Date: 9-4-2023

    Assalamu alikumAllah azzavajjal may accept your dawat.Sir I have a question that in our Majid our imam reciting some thing in sala after fathiha Sura and before regular Sura ..is it an innovation..or give me an authentic reference for the sameJazZakalla .. More

  • Shaafi‘i's view on congregational prayer for women Date: 9-4-2023

    Assalamu alaikum, kindly support me to get Ash-Shaafi‘i's (RA) view about the below. My mother and wife are in my house . is it more better them pray alone ? or together ? . then who could be imam. .. More

  • What one can say in Tashahhud Date: 5-4-2023

    Assalamualaikum, I was wondering if my prayer is valid if I accidentally said raasullah instead of abdoho wa raasulh in the tashahudd .. More