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  • Giving Sincere Advice to a Sinner Date: 15-8-2022

    SlmHope u wellI got a question for you, inshallah u can help me with it. A friend if mine recently went to a party and kissed a girl who had just drunk beer. He has approached me and asked."I tasted the beer in her mouth so does that mean that my duas and salah are not accepted for 40 days?" Plz help me give him a beautiful answer which will inshallah.. More

  • Advising a Sinner is not Confined to a Specific Number of Times Date: 7-8-2022

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاتهHow many times is it must to remind someone that what they are doing is haram? Is once enough? .. More

  • Advice on Family Problems related to Atheism Date: 1-8-2022

    Assalamulaykum. I'm 19, the eldest child in my family, & I live in America. My family & I are facing a difficult calamity right now. My brother, 14, has apostated from Islam, claiming that he has been an atheist since he was 10. For a long time, I repeatedly advised my father to check what my brother was doing on his electronics because it was.. More

  • Choosing the Easiest Option when the Fatwa Differs Date: 20-7-2022

    If a muslim who doesn't have much knowledge of Quran and Sunnah gets different answers from two different students of knowledge and he needs to choose one urgently, what should he do? Can he choose the easiest option? .. More

  • Inviting a Friend to Islam Date: 20-6-2022

    Salam I have this non muslim lady who works with me . She wanted to know Islam more I tried to explain to her Who Allah swt is and the main purpose of our life. But whenever I try to explain it to her she keeps saying I dont understand so I approached different way to make it easier for her but then again she goes I dont understand, instead she is only.. More

  • Wants to Embrace Islam but Has Doubts about the Pillars of Faith Date: 29-3-2022

    I want to become Muslim, but I doubt all 6 pillars of Faith. If I don't pay attention to these doubts can I say my Shahada and become Muslim? .. More

  • Reason Why Islam Came Last Date: 6-3-2022

    Assalam allaykom, I would like to ask you:- why did Islam came late why not the first and last?-why did the bible and taurat changed even though they are also books and words of god? .. More

  • Using Comics as Means of Giving Da’wah and Spreading Islam Date: 14-10-2021

    As Salam Alaykum. I was wondering, what is the view on using comics as a means of giving dawah and spreading islam? If the comics are drawn to expose both teenagers and young adults (muslim and non-muslim alike) to islam, is it permissible to draw them? Or should one have the characters without a mouth, nose and neck? Jazakallah. .. More

  • You Are Not a Disbeliever If You Are Unable to Forbid Evil If You Do Not Approve of It Date: 30-9-2020

    SalamIf im working in a Girls Group for Study or Job purpose.These girls follow different religion. Sometimes it can happen that someone may utter kufr like "God is unfair" or "why did God punished me although I didnt have done wrong to anybody". What should I do in this situation because im living in kafir country? Would it make me a kafir if I dont.. More

  • Matters Necessarily Known to Be Part of the Religion Date: 6-9-2020

    1.What are all of the Ma’lum min ad-din biddarurah (Well known facts of the religion) 2.If I cannot make a ghusl bath or my parents will catch me can I still pray with just Wudu 3.This one is urgent how much remorse do you need to repent. Please don’t refer me to an existing fatwa. .. More

  • One Must Follow the Sunnah Even If It Contradicts His School of Fiqh Date: 8-6-2020

    Assalam o elaikum, I was following the hanafi fiqh until now. But i never like the idea of following a single person from minor issue to major issues (in my case Imam abu hanifa r.a) because i believe every person can make an error no matter how great of an imam he is. I recently started liking your approach more because as a mufti you compare different.. More

  • The Belief and Worship of the Jews and Christians Is Void Date: 1-6-2020

    On a forum there was a debate about the God of the Jews and Christians and the God of the Muslims, Allah (SWT). Some claimed He was the same others claimed He wasn’t. The most important problem seems to be the name of God. While some said that the name of God is written in the Old Testament and it is “Jahwe” which means “I am” or “I am who.. More

  • Doesn’t Know How to Pray Date: 3-3-2020

    Good day to you admin I just got converted How do I pray in English because I am able to pray in Arabic .. More

  • Wisdom behind Marrying More Than One Wife Date: 3-3-2020

    Assalam Walaikum Dear Sheikh, I want to know what is wisdom of Allah Subhan tala regarding the verse of multiple marriage specially we like to know wisdom fo Allah why did Allah Subhan tala first ordered muslim to marry two, three or four wives instead of one wife because ulema and general people in our society says Allah preferred for muslim men.. More

  • Difference of Opinion about Breathing of Soul Into Fetus Date: 11-12-2019

    Hello, I'm german and my english is not very well. I'm interested in Islam since some time. As far as I know all 4 sunni madhahib are saying, the soul gets into the embryo at day 120. Now I got posted a link with an analysis that says: all wrong, the soul gets into embryo at day 40. Here's the link I got (it's in english, too): https://questionsonislam.c.. More