3554 fatwas

  • Beware of showing off Date: 11-9-2023

    Asalamu alaykom. If things are done for other than the sake of Allah, will we be punished? For example, if someone performs salah and does it to show off to try to impress people, will he have to repeat all his prayers as they weren’t for the right intention? Is there anything like a dua we can do to help keep our intentions pure? Please advise and.. More

  • Paid money for a party not knowing that it would be spent on Haram Date: 11-9-2023

    Assalamu Alaikum,there was a class party and I was invited,everyone was supposed to pay money and so I payed money to go there but after I had paid the money I decided not to go because there was Alcohol and Music but the money I paid they probably bought alcohol with it , so am I sinful for that as when I paid money i didn't intend it for alcohol and.. More

  • Stole from his grandmother's money, what should he do? Date: 11-9-2023

    Two years ago when I was 16 I was hanging out with some people who had a negative impact on me, I was stealing from my grandmother to hang out with them because I had no money and I was embarrassed if I told them that and I was afraid that they would leave me, and the amount got bigger and bigger and bigger. Also with some of the money, I bought a phone.. More

  • Ruling on sins committed before reaching puberty Date: 30-8-2023

    SalamI have done something very haram to my brothers when I was 12 or 13 years old. I touched their private part. One of them has autism and was awake, and the other does not have autism and was sleeping. I did not know it was haram back then. I also can't tell him what I did because he will probably hate me forever..what should I do?..I'm scared that.. More

  • He cannot be patient when his wife has her period Date: 30-8-2023

    My husband gets angry when I am on my period because he wants to have sex. I am having some hormonal problems and my periods have prolonged till 13 days now. He ends up being rude and frustrated. What can I do to please him. Are husbands allowed to mentally torture their wives with this kind of behaviour? There's nothing that I can do. .. More

  • Wants to commit suicide due to a disease Date: 13-8-2023

    Assalam Alaikum, I am from India and I am 23 years old man. When I was child, I am normal like other children but when I was in teenage, many hairs grow up on my face (like dog or monkey), I have many hairs on my whole face (like dog or monkey). This hairy disease name is werewolf syndrome.Everyone says me, you are doggy-boy Or monkey-man. I have decided.. More

  • Repentance from Transgressing the Rights of People Date: 13-7-2023

    I used to eat haram food earlier Now I am trying to give those whose rights I have lost, will my prayers be accepted? .. More

  • The meaning of excessiveness Date: 21-6-2023

    Assalamy alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. What is excesiveness in Islam? How to know how much activity (be it religious or wordly) is too much? Is it a sin to do certain activities till your exhaustion? .. More

  • Regretting What One Had Missed in Worldly or Religious Matters Date: 12-6-2023

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Is it permissible to regret about wasted opportunities be it in wordly or religious matters? .. More

  • Feeling Disgust Towards Filthy, Smelling, and Untidy People Date: 12-6-2023

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Is it a sin to feel contempt or disgust towards filthy, smelling, untidy, unnmanerly people? Is not it a part of fitrah (to feel that)? .. More

  • Better to Leave Tracking and Counting Good Deeds Date: 12-6-2023

    Is it permissible to keep track of your worship as reading Quran and the like, in order to increase it over time. Is not it considered as a bad etiquette towards Allah? .. More

  • Sister's Husband Orders Her to Clean and Do House Chores Date: 12-6-2023

    I live with my sis and bro in law. He always making problems in our house with me. He orders me to clean and do house chores in the house and if i don't do he scolds me . He's trying to control me . I told my sis thats he has no rights on me . But she supports him and say hes right and im lazy and doesn't help her thats y he's scolding me. I don't mix.. More

  • Boasting about the Blessings of Allah the Almighty Date: 12-6-2023

    Is showing off worldly things like showing off wearing nice clothes or showing off your new phone and seeking validation from people is this haram. .. More

  • Regretted Having Committed a Major Sin, Repented but Still Disturbed in Her Sleep Date: 24-5-2023

    Few months ago i did a major sin. I repent and i seek forgiveness to Allah every day. But it chase me in my sleep. I can't even moving on. Getting weak day by day. What should i do? .. More

  • Wife giving away from her husband’s money without his permission Date: 21-5-2023

    My paternal aunt has given us many gifts (like air conditioner) using her husband's money, while he was not aware. Her husband gave her the money to use for her household things but she gave the extra money to us. Is this regarded as stone money? Do we have to return all the gifts? .. More