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  • He borrowed some money from his mother and his mother has died, what should he do? Date: 17-9-2023

    I borrowed some money from my mother and my mother has died, so what can I do? Give me an answer from an Islamic point of view and also ahdees reference please.Cordially, .. More

  • Ruling on the name 'Dhiraar' Date: 14-9-2023

    Assalamu alaykum,I am writing to inquire about changing my name. My current name does not have a surname, so I would like to change my given name to either Zafir or Zarrar, and my surname to either Al-Saif or Al-Ghazi.Could you please tell me what Zarrar means? And are Al-Saif and Al-Ghazi valid surnames?Thank you for your time and consideration. .. More

  • Reconciling between the verses ‘And after that, He spread the earth, and brought forth therefrom its water and its pasture.’ and ‘...And He blessed it and determined therein its [creatures'] sustenance in four days...’ Date: 14-9-2023

    Assalamu aalaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. I read the reconciliation from Ibn 'Abbas Radiallahu 'Anhu. He said Allah created the Earth, then created the heavens (made them into 7) then he spread out the earth and added the water and the mountains etc. But, in Surah Fussilat it actually says the opposite. Everything was added on the Earth AND THEN.. More

  • Is racism a form of arrogance? Date: 14-9-2023

    Is racism a form of arrogance? .. More

  • Ruling on supplicating against oneself for evil or for entering Hell Date: 14-9-2023

    Is it possible for someone to give up their chance to go to Heaven? For example, if someone were to swear by Allah they are going to Hell (and they do so by intending to give up their right to go to Heaven), then are they destined for Hell? What if such a person repents of this and regrets this, then do they still have a chance to go to Heaven or are.. More

  • Dowry of a wife who remarried after her husband’s death Date: 14-9-2023

    Assalaamu Alaykum, I want to ask a question on behalf of someone related to a womens mehr. A women received mehr in form of property upon marriage from her deceased husband, and has chosen to marry a new person. Must the family of the deceased husband give her share in the husbands families property after she remarried another person? .. More

  • Issues related to the payment of Zakat Date: 13-9-2023

    I am Iranian Muslim. I gave zakah for years I missed online. My non-Muslim mother was able to see my bank transactions. She then called the bank and claimed it was fraud. Regretfully, I went along with her narrative and the bank gave her the money I gave in zakah ("fraud money") which I refused to take and I asked her what she did with it. She said.. More

  • Seeking Allah's guidance to make a decision concerning something Date: 13-9-2023

    Assalamo alaikum, My question is regarding istikhara. I liked a guy, and did istekhara for marriage with him. Soon after it, things started getting bad between us and persisted for some time. I again did istekhara, and my heart was convinced to say no. I said no to him. He contacted again after about 2 weeks, i was interested too. We talked for some.. More

  • Ruling on Reciting Al-Fatihah by the Person Led in Prayer Date: 13-9-2023

    When should I stop reciting fatiha in salah? Should I stop when the imam starts to recite takbir intiqal to ruku' or when he is in ruku' position fully?. The imam started to recite takbir for ruku' while I just finished recited "Iyya kana'budu wa Iyya kanasta'iin" and I didn't continue the next verse, should I repeat this prayer? .. More

  • Ruling on working in a store that sells silk ties Date: 13-9-2023

    I work in a men’s suit store as a sales consultant and there are silk items tie and bow tie that say 100% silk customer may want. I live in Canada and have put so many resumes and the job is near my house. Please advise There are also red clothes but not pure red for example different colour labelling. .. More

  • Your fast is not invalidated by lying about the intention Date: 11-9-2023

    Asalamu alaykom. I was expiating for breaking an oath by fasting three days. Someone asked me why I was fasting so I lied and said that I was making some up and made it seem as if I was making up the ones from Ramadan. Does my fast still count or is it invalidated by lying about the intention as to why I was fasting? May Allah reward you. .. More

  • The ruling on using medicines that contain alcohol Date: 11-9-2023

    What is the ruling on using medicines like Dayquill and Nyquill to relieve cold and flu symptoms? It is over the counter. One of the active ingredients can intoxicate and give a high in large amounts. I'm not talking about the alcohol here but some of them have it. Worst case, what if you were sick and had to take this due to the illness and the lack.. More

  • Beware of showing off Date: 11-9-2023

    Asalamu alaykom. If things are done for other than the sake of Allah, will we be punished? For example, if someone performs salah and does it to show off to try to impress people, will he have to repeat all his prayers as they weren’t for the right intention? Is there anything like a dua we can do to help keep our intentions pure? Please advise and.. More

  • Want to represent Hijab in the proper way and avoid showing off Date: 11-9-2023

    asylum alaikum I’m 16 in the United States I’ve been considering nijab but I will be attending the school I went to last year but i didn’t present myself propley as a Muslim will that effect me misrepresenting Islam if I wear it as many believe it’s fard and I don’t want any risk of riya as I will be the only nijabi will I be representing.. More

  • Stole from his grandmother's money, what should he do? Date: 11-9-2023

    Two years ago when I was 16 I was hanging out with some people who had a negative impact on me, I was stealing from my grandmother to hang out with them because I had no money and I was embarrassed if I told them that and I was afraid that they would leave me, and the amount got bigger and bigger and bigger. Also with some of the money, I bought a phone.. More