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  • Using or Wearing Golden Colored Items That Are Not Made from Real Gold Date: 14-9-2022

    I heard that men are not allowed to wear gold and silver (I am a male), I am not rich so I doubt that any of my clothes contain gold or silver but what about regarding everyday object like taps which look silver (though aren’t made of it). Also I have a hoodie which has a golden coloured zip (but it isn’t made from gold I’m told) will it be permissible.. More

  • Ruling on Eating Asafoetida Date: 23-8-2022

    I would like to know whether hing Or asafoetida( a flavoured spice used by indians) and castor oil are halal Or haram .. More

  • The Time of Reciting the Basmalah upon Slaughtering the Animal Sacrifice Date: 7-8-2022

    if someone make mistiming in saying bismaillah before slaughtering, that means if someone say bismillah just after starting slaughtering, is that meat halal? .. More

  • Trusting People Who Sell ‘Halal’ Foods Date: 7-8-2022

    Assalaamu Alaykum. Where I live in the west, there are a lot of mosques and Muslims. Many stores advertise that they sell halaal food. Should I trust these stores, or should I ask for proof? What about if the store is owned by a Muslim? .. More

  • Eating Haram Food Unintentionally Date: 7-8-2022

    I have been eating a dish from a restaurant for i while now because I heard that it was halal. But i recently found out that this restaurant is not halal in my country. What should I do? .. More

  • Is It Allowed to Keep Hamsters as Pets? Date: 1-8-2022

    Assalaamu alaikum. Are we allowed to keep hamster as pets? .. More

  • Resolving Marital Conflicts Date: 25-7-2022

    Assalamu alykom,My wife love cats to the point that she treat them like kids.Now we have a cat with us and i cant stand cats for some reason. Anyway, and this cat runs ,scream and distorting things. I asked my wife to give the cat away, she start crying and be sad till i said ok let keep this cat.any advise for my wife about this issue please, and she.. More

  • Buying or Sewing or Wearing Cloths that Bear the Name 'Ahmed' Date: 20-7-2022

    I wanted to ask, that I live in Pakistan and there is a famous brand of cloths here, named “GUL AHMED” it produces cloths worn all over the country, and I am among it's coustomers I usually buy unstitched cloths from the brand and give them to tailors for stitching, the problem is that the cloths contain name of the brand that has name “Ahmed”.. More

  • Permissible Ways of Recreation Date: 20-6-2022

    Assalamu alaikum. If, for the sake of argument, a husband and wife have a swimming pool at home then can the wife wear bikini to swim. Or if they are exercising together, can she wear tight gym clothing. And can they set up a beach like environment at home and sunbathe wearing bikini because they like it or would these be considered a imitations of.. More

  • Female Student Wants to Shave Her Head Date: 12-5-2022

    Assalamualaikum my name's Afnan I'm 13 years old. My question is can I shave my head I don't have any intentions to look like a male I just can't take care of my hair and I'm very busy with school and my hair get greasy every 1-2 days its pretty annoying.if I ever do shave my head I'll still be wearing a hijab.My mom says it's Haram and I don't want.. More

  • Wearing Dress of Fame or Expensive One Date: 27-3-2022

    My father gave me new cloths but he mocked the beard of tailor who made itHe gave expression like he made it late becouse he is a bearded man.can I wear that cloths?2 if my father buys me extravagant cloths can I wear it.and what does dress of high repute mean? .. More

  • She Wants to Own a Snake Date: 3-2-2022

    I think that snakes are beautiful and fascinating creatures of Allah and even as a child I wanted to own one. I learned that it is not permissible to keep an animal that can harm you and neither to pay money for an animal which has no benefit. But is it okay if I adopt a harmless non-venomous snake from the local shelter where the only fee I would have.. More

  • He Wants His Wife to Wear Jewelry for Him All the Time Date: 24-1-2022

    SalamMy question as a husband is I want my wife to wear jewelry for me all the time in our home. She only likes to wear jewlery when going outside to ladies parties. She's not convinced that I've a right under Islam to do so. Please elaborate from Islamic perspective if I'm claim this as a right over her? .. More

  • He Eats Five to Six Meals Everyday Date: 22-12-2021

    Is there any limit in eating meals in islam? I eat 5 to 6 small meals everyday. I also make sure that I'm not extravagant in these meals. As Allah mentioned he doesn't like those who are extravagant. Is there any number of meals prescribed in Islam?. Can i eat meals when i wish but without being extravagant. .. More

  • Hair Straightening Date: 23-11-2021

    Question: Assalamulykum..my question was about permanent hair straightening. So if I’m certain there’s a barrier on hair which prevents water from reaching to the hair and as the treatment is permanent..means new grown hair will be in Natural texture but straightening hair will remain same.. So should i have to shave my head from removing it? Otherwise.. More