55 fatwas

  • Differences in opinion must not lead to disunity and conflict Date: 12-11-2007

    I work with one of the well-known Islamic groups; however problems sometimes arise between me and my Muslim brothers because of differences in opinion. Will this spoil the reward of our deeds?.. More

  • Not name but correct methodology what counts Date: 10-11-2007

    Is Salafism named after the righteous predecessors (As-Salaf As-Saalih)? What is your opinion on the person who rejects this name and says that he can only call himself a Muslim because of the verse (which means): {Allaah named you Muslims before [in former scriptures]} [Quran 22:78]? If the person who follows the righteous predecessors is asked.. More

  • Tableeghi Jamaa‘ah Da‘wah efforts vs. the companions' efforts Date: 10-11-2007

    What is your point of view on Tableeghi Jamaa‘ah? Is it the only group upon the truth, as its members claim? Does the companions' leaving of their homes for Jihaad and conquests constitute evidence for making the going out of Tableeghi Jamaa‘ah for Da‘wah a part of our religion? If yes, why didn't scholars follow it?.. More

  • I'laa' As-Sunan as a Hanafi reference Date: 25-1-2007

    As salaam aleykum Is Ileau us Sunan a reliable book for Hanafi sources, i heard this book is praised by many scholars is this true? Was salaam .. More

  • Differences between Islamic schools Date: 23-3-2006

    Allaah sent a complete message to the humanity. This message, which was the Quran, which was thoroughly explained by the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, in a way that left no space for the difference of opinion among the people in any issue. In light of the above, what are the reasons which led to the appearance of different Islamic schools.. More

  • Being a Muslim and Group Membership Date: 14-1-2006

    Is it obligatory upon a Muslim to join a group (such as The Muslim Brotherhood or the Salafiyyah)? Can a person just be a Sunni Muslim with no affiliation to a group? Thank you. .. More

  • Deobandists and their University Date: 20-12-2005

    Who are Deobandi? .. More

  • Authentic Hadeeth about Salat according to Hanafi school Date: 9-2-2005

    What are the authentic Hadeeth for performing Salaat according to Hanafi Madhab? What are the answers to the usual questions raised by Salafi on Hanafi method of Salaat? .. More

  • Schools of thought other than the four Imaams Date: 9-1-2005

    I saw a lecture where Bilal Phillips said that there were more than 4 schools of thought. I think he said there were 9 or 11 in total, but the others died out. Which were the other schools of thought? Who was their 'founder'? When and how long were they for? Did those scholars have books of opinions like Imaam Maalik, etc.? How did those.. More

  • Seeks knowledge about Hadeeth and schools of Fiqh Date: 22-11-2004

    I'm a Hanafi. The writers of the six Books of Hadeeth (Bukhaari, Muslim, etc.) more of them was Hanafi. So please tell me about the other schools of Fiqh (in brief). I'm in trouble. .. More

  • A new group organized in UK Date: 19-10-2004

    Please can you tell me about the Tareeqa group called 'Pan Jatan Park' they are supposed to follow the 5 priest and closet to Allaah they say these are the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, Faatimah, Hassan and Hussein and Beebi Faatimah, may Allaah be pleased with them. Please could I have the answer as quickly as possible as I am trying to help.. More

  • Condemning the fault of others Date: 13-7-2004

    I want to ask about the Jama'ah Tabligh. They are translating Qur'an and Hadith according to their own understanding in order to prove that their work is from Quranand Hadith. Isthis not a great sin for a Jama'ah that is knownto bea religious Jama'ah?.. More

  • Questions about Tablighi Jama'ah and other issues Date: 1-7-2004

    I have a few questions pertaining to Tablighi Jama'ah. 1) I have spent 40 days once and 3 days a few times. Most brothers in "the effort" are Indo/Paki and they hold tight to cultural things. I am American and I do not think it is permissible for me to take sub-continental cultural practices and adhere to them. I also do not have much knowledge.. More

  • The school of Ahlul-Rai Date: 28-6-2004

    I read the history of evolution of Fiqh in English. I would like to know how the Ahlul-Rai judged according to Shariah...I read that Ahlul-Hadith considered Qur'an and Hadith to be the source of Islamic law. What sources did the Ahlul-Rai considered to be the source of Islamic law? Thanks... More

  • Tableegh Jama'ah Date: 18-5-2004

    Is it true that some Islamic scholars including Bin Baaz gave a fatwa sayingthat it is haram to follow jamaah tabligh?.. More