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  • Using Utensils of Non-Muslims

    I'm living right now in Canada and share the house with non-Muslim. We use the same utensils (cooking plates.. etc). Can I use them after I clean them or do have to use my own? .. More

  • Using Golden and Gold-Plated Items

    What is the opinion on using gold plates and spoons, etc, including gold plated things? .. More

  • Removing impurities from utensils

    If a non-Muslim utilizes a Muslim's metallic utensil, such as a knife and a pan to cut and cook pork meat, then what methods should he use to "Pak" his metallic knife and pan? 1. Water, 2. Sand, 3. Heating metallic utensil in boiling water, 4. Heating metallic utensil, such as a knife or pan in an oven? For the four options stated above, please provide.. More