114 fatwas

  • Tortured animals long ago Date: 1-1-2002

    There was a time when I tortured animals, long ago and someone told me I have to pay damage to the owner, but I don't know the owner and there is no way of finding out. How do I deal with this?.. More

  • Having a Dog, Praying and Fasting Date: 21-11-2001

    I have a dog in my house but he is an outdoor pet. I would like to know how to clean myself from it when praying. In Ramadhan, does it effect my fasting? .. More

  • Having a Dog and Being Touched by It Date: 19-11-2001

    Is it OK to have a dog in my garden? Are they clean? If it touches me with its nose, what shall I do? I heard I should wash the touched part 7 times. .. More

  • Ruling on keeping dogs in one's house Date: 19-11-2001

    Why is owning or keeping a dog Haram in Islam? Why can't dogs be allowed in one's apartment?.. More

  • Praying in same room with cat Date: 1-7-2001

    I have a cat and it sleeps in my room but I pray in the same room is it bad because I pray in my room and there is a cat?.. More

  • Cleaning a House Where a Dog Once Lived Date: 20-6-2001

    How can I clean a house that used to have a dog in it? .. More

  • Permission to Eat Animals in Islam Date: 30-4-2001

    I'd like to know the position of Islam towards the non-cruelty to animals, since the practices seem to contradict the mercy for the animals expressed in the Qur'an and by the Prophet himself. Since there was a survival need for eating meat in the harsh environment of the Arabian desert, Islam allowed it under the condition of a merciful death (the Halal... More

  • Keeping a Cat in the House Date: 28-3-2001

    Is it Haram to have a cat in my house? .. More

  • Killing Cats and Dogs That Cause Much Harm Date: 25-8-2000

    I would be grateful if you advise me on the following: I can not stand cats, and I leave in a neighborhood full of cats. They are turning my life into a miserable state; some of my children have started to be like me also. My question is: Would I be sinner if I tried to get rid of them by giving them poisoned food...I have tried to ask people to take.. More