344 fatwas

  • Errors resulting from forgetfulness are pardoned, Allaah willing Date: 11-2-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I really appreciate the answers that you give as they help me greatly, praise be to Allaah. I have one question about what is considered disrespect or just a mistake. In my school textbook, it talks about Islam, and there are some english translations of verses of the Quran and the name of Allaah and other things. One time, not thinking.. More

  • View of Ibn 'Abbaas on second prostration in Soorah Al-Hajj Date: 26-1-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. The opinion of Ibn Abbaas is that there is no second prostration in Surah Al-Hajj. Could u give the above reference? .. More

  • No obligation to check thrown papers for sacred text Date: 16-1-2016

    Suppose that while walking on the road and seeing a news paper lying on the ground, I alter my path because if I kept going straight I would casually look at it, and by looking in more detail, I might distinguish Muslim names and their photos in it. Now, if I alter course in order to avoid difficulty, would this be wrong or might this even be considered.. More

  • Allaah listens to His slaves as they recite the Quran Date: 15-1-2016

    If the thing that Allaah listens most to is the Quranic recitation of a prophet in a beautiful tone, is the best way to get Allaah to listen to us then to recite Quran? .. More

  • Saying ‘Subhaana Rabbi Al-A'la’ when one hears Soorah Al-A'la and ‘Bala’ at end of Soorah At-Teen Date: 9-1-2016

    Is it from the Sunnah to say, ‘Subhana Rabbi Al-A'la’ when one hears Surah Al-A'la being recited? Please give a reference or hadith. And what about saying, ‘Balaa’ at the end of Surah At-Teen. .. More

  • Manner of reciting Al-Ikhlaas, Al-Falaq and An-Naas – the three types of thulm Date: 10-12-2015

    a) Surahs Al-Ikhlaas, Al-Falaq and An-Naas are to be recited 3 times in morning and in evening (Asr or Maghrib time), before sleeping, when sick, etc. But which of the methods below is the allowed way of reciting? Or are both allowed? Or does it depend upon the time and situation? (i) Surah Al-Ikhlaas, then Surah Al-Falaq, then Surah An-Naas. Then again.. More

  • Ruling on using tajweed with regular Arabic text Date: 29-11-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. What is the ruling on making tajweed (rules of the recitation of the Quran)of regular Arabic texts such as hadiths, poetry, or common stories? Is it considered mocking the Quran? Also related to this is that some people call their poetry 'surahs' (chapters) or 'ayat' (verses). So what is the ruling on naming a piece of poetry a surah.. More

  • Difficulty in reciting Quran because of tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) Date: 27-11-2015

    I am a 21 year-old-man, I have been suffering from a disease named tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) [please see http://goo.gl/Hf8R0e] ever since my birth. It makes that you cannot correctlypronounce the sound of a few letters. I also used to stammer, and I was suffering from severe migraines when I was 11 to 14 years old. Due to that, I never went to any.. More

  • Ruling on taking turns in reciting the Quran in the masjid after Fajr Date: 27-11-2015

    Some people sit in circles in the masjid after Fajr and take turns reading two verses from the Quran. We hear that the Companions would rush to the masjid and rush back home. We also hear that acts following acts of worship take on the same ruling. Can this action be equated with the hadith of the people whom Abdullah bin Mas'ud admonished in Sunan.. More

  • How clean a place should be to keep the Quran in it Date: 14-11-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. I read some of your fatwas about the ruling on leaving something with one of the names of Allaah or one of the prophets in a dirty place. I would like to know what the exact extent/definition of a dirty place is. If I have a book containing the name of Allaah, for example, can it be kept on a table if the floor near that table contains.. More

  • Ruling on reciting Quran in transliteration Date: 12-11-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am currently unable to read the Quran and have not found anyone who can teach me, and I was wondering if I will get a similar reward when reading transliterations of the Quran. I read Surah Al-Mulk every night and Surah Al-Kahf on Fridays and the two surahs for Fajr (I hold a paper in prayer to recite these). May Allaah reward you.. More

  • Praying behind a person who pronounces Dhaad as Thaa’ Date: 11-11-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. What is the correct 'makhraj' and method of pronunciation for the letter ض? What is the ruling on praying behind a person who pronounces it as 'zwaad' or like the letter ظ? .. More

  • Is it an obligation to revise what one forgets of memorized Quran? Date: 6-11-2015

    If one forgets some part of the quran after memorizig it and then repents, should one then revise the forgotten part for the repentance to be valid? If it has to be revised, then the surahs or rukoo's learned properly can be easily revised, but how can one revise verses learned from random locations when one does not remember those locations? Would.. More

  • How to differentiate pronunciation of the letters Seen and Saad Date: 14-10-2015

    How are the seven full mouth letters to be pronounced when a sukoon appears on top of them? For example, how should one distinguish between "Us" (where the "s" is saad) and "Us" (where the "s" is seen)? Is the "U" supposed to be pronounced full mouth? .. More

  • Touching the Mus-haf without Wudhoo’ is not Kufr Date: 21-7-2015

    Is it kufur to touch the quran without wudu because of laziness or is it a sin, note without haveing intention to disrespect quran .. More