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  • Ruling on leaving the mosque before offering the called for prayer Date: 14-7-2014

    salaam. I went to mosque to observe isha'i prayer only for me to meet the imam giving sermon. He extended this sermon beyond the stipulated time for the prayer. With annoyance, for I do not understand the language he was speaking, I walked out of the mosque and return home to say the prayer. I wish to know if the act of the imam was justified and also.. More

  • Missing congregational prayers because of chronic bad breath Date: 10-6-2014

    He has deadly bad breath!can that enough reason to exempt him from congregation(jama'a) if he fears harming fellow muslims due to bad smell? .. More

  • Driving to distant Masjid for prayer Date: 15-3-2014

    Aslaam-o-Alaikum I have a few questions which need to be answered. I heard that all Muslim men have to go to Masjid to perform obligatory prayer, Is that right? I live in USA and Masjid which is nearest to my house is about 20 mints drive (2 miles). I drive but sometimes car is not available due to my brother has to go to work so I perform prayer at.. More

  • Precedence regarding one who leads the prayer among travelers and residents Date: 14-1-2014

    When two persons, a traveler and a resident, want to pray in congregation, who has more right to lead the other in prayer? May Allaah Reward you. .. More

  • Offering the prayer at the due time is more obligatory than praying it in congregation Date: 13-1-2014

    We live in China, a non-Muslim country. Is it permissible for us to delay the congregational prayer for one hour after the due time, given that there are one or two individuals who are present in the prayer area during the due time while the rest have classes? .. More

  • The virtue of the mosque for one who does not find a congregation in or outside the mosque Date: 12-1-2014

    I am studying in Canada and (my neighborhood) has only one mosque that is three kilometers away. The Muslims (here) actually have a lot of good in them and they are not few in number. However, they pray only the Fajr, Maghrib and ‘Ishaa’ prayers in it. I finish my university lectures by about ‘Asr time. I am not sure if there will be any difference.. More

  • He does not pray in Masjid after being swarmed by beggars Date: 15-12-2013

    My boss is very rich, he likes to give charity, every month he spends over a million on charity. He can''t go for masjid for prayers, there are alot of people behind him begging. few might be needy others dont know, every day new new faces come, he suspect brokers are sending for collection. He wanted to know what he should do in this tyoe of situation... More

  • Her husband does not pray in the Masjid all the time Date: 9-9-2013

    Assalamu Alaicom! I would like to know the ruling on a man who is not always praying at the masjid. My husband works at a very far place, he is taking the bus for his transport, at this heat, he would arrive at home very tired. Sometimes, he had to wait more or less 30 mins everytime for the bus from home going to the terminal then another waiting time.. More

  • Ruling on sexual intercourse if it makes one late for the congregational prayer Date: 25-12-2012

    Is it permissible to have sexual intercourse between Athaan and Iqaamah? Please cite evidence from the Quran and Sunnah, if there is any... More

  • Etiquettes of the congregational prayer for men and women Date: 22-6-2011

    Assalaamu alaikum, Many times at family gathering when time for salah approaches, no one says adhan, the men usually just go off and pray by themselves, there is no unity in salah, no congregation, no one calls the adhan to remind others nor do the implement praying salah together. I want to know is this okay in Islam or should there be some unity.. More

  • Praying in a mosque where people neither fill the gaps nor say Aameen loudly Date: 29-3-2010

    AsalamoAlikum Actually I sent a question on similar issue but did not get a complete answer( I was referred to answer to similar question). I Request brothers to answer me on this. I got cleared from Islamweb that praying behind Ahnaf is allowed but even after this permission there is a big issue. Ahnafs do not join their feets during qayaam in congregation.. More

  • Reward of congregational prayer even not in mosque Date: 7-8-2008

    assalamu alaikum can we get a reward of 27 rakhas when we pray in a office .? because we cant leave the office to pray in masjid?.. More

  • The Jamaa’ah is what confirms the truth even if you were alone Date: 5-5-2008

    Assalamu alaikum.A companion(Allah be pleased with him)asked Ibn Masood(Allah be pleased with him)that people in his town prays Jamaath not at its fixed time but delays it.So he prays alone at the fixed time and not with the Jamaath.So is he doing the right thing?Ibn Masood(Allah be pleased with him)told him he was doing the right thing.Even if he is.. More

  • Leading family in prayer at home instead of going to a faraway mosque Date: 8-4-2008

    asalumu alaikum There is a masjid an hour way from my house which I am capable to walk to. But my mother wants me to stay at home and lead my family in salah instead. Should I go to the masjid because I heard that it is obligatory to go to the masjid if there is one nearby? Or should I listen to my mom and lead my family in salah? .. More

  • Amount of time permitted for workers to perform prayer Date: 22-11-2007

    Al Salam alikum: i work in construction company, at praying time some workers leave the work to drive to the mosque 10-15 minutes, pray and return to work all in all spending about 45 min to 1 hour for each prayer. how long time is generally acceptable to be given for each prayer. and sometimes at Azan a person go to mosque early spend 20 minutes waiting.. More