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  • Ruling on reading poems of Jahiliyyah (Pre-Islamic Era of Ignorance) Date: 27-3-2023

    I am learning Arabic. To learn arabic eloquence I am reading poems of jahiliyyah which contains swears by deities and other shirk and kufr. Can I read it to learn arabic eloquence and understand quran better. .. More

  • Statements attributed to Ibn Al-Qayyim Date: 27-3-2023

    Assalamu'alaikum, is it true in zad Al Maad Ibn Al Qayyim said that enlargening the muscles of the body weakens one's mind? Can we prefer researches by modern non muslim doctors over Ibn Al Qayyims research regarding medicine? .. More

  • She committed zina and got pregnant from a stranger. What should she do? Date: 27-3-2023

    So I’m asking for a friend. She got into a relationship with someone who is a Mexican, and is Jehovah witness religion whereas she is a Muslim. She got pregnant by him and she isn’t even married to him. She is not aborting the baby, What should she do? She doesn’t wanna go to hell! .. More

  • Discharges that break Prayer and ablution Date: 26-3-2023

    Assalamu Alaikum. my question is about vaginal discharge, recently i read on here about what ‘wadi’ looks like. so i was praying fajr prayer and i felt something come out and then after praying i checked and saw what i would like to think of as ‘wadi’ because it was thin and yellowish, do i have to repeat my salah knowing that ‘wadi’ nullifies.. More

  • Calling people to Prayer Date: 26-3-2023

    Salamuhalykum WarahmatullahMy question is to ask about the ruling concerning the call to prayer after the Adzhan has already been made for the compulsory Fajr prayer, this is because the Imam of the Masjid near my residence used to practise this act by calling out people as a means of enticing them to come and pray in a very loud voice using the microphone.. More

  • A case of dispute related to inheritance Date: 26-3-2023

    Aoa, my mother had 20-21 lac Rs as her inheritance. My uncles lied and said it was only 2 lac Rs. For years mother kept asking but they didn't give rather they kept enjoying their lifestyle while we stayed on rent. Few years ago uncle got sick and called siblings to resolve the issue. Due to emotional pressure or thinking that uncle would never give.. More

  • Ruling on divorce at a moment of intense anger Date: 26-3-2023

    Assalamualaikum My family and I are in a very unfortunate situation. The first day of Ramadan my husband and I had a fight when my husband was extremely angry and couldn’t control the words he uttered and did not understand the consequences of them when he uttered the word I talaq you. He was very angry and out of his senses. This is the third talaq.. More

  • Affection and Compassion Between Spouses Date: 26-3-2023

    Does a wife always have to reconcile with her husband if he's displeased with her no matter how trivial his displeasure is? If they had a little fight and wife has mood swings and she doesn't talk to him, will she be cursed and her prayers won't be accepted? And if a wife does a little mistake she is cursed. And if a husband abuses her, will he not.. More

  • Ruling on the validity of the fast in case of masturbation Date: 26-3-2023

    Salam alaykum. During ramadan, i masturbated using bidet (shatafa) and I do it everyday, however it has come to my attention that water entering the vagina might break ur fast in ramadan from the shatafa and masturbating is haram and breaks your fast. If this is true, should i make up for ALL the ramadans ive had in my had since puberty? Am i supposed.. More

  • Insinuating whispers about belief Date: 26-3-2023

    I get devilish thoughts about Allahs existence limited to my brain. i get these thoughts and in my heart i keep saying I believe in Allah who is the creator of this universe. i keep saying this but these thoughts don't seem to go instead now they interfere in my prayers. i dont doubt Allahs existence i know he's there but these thoughts wont let me.. More

  • Ruling on saying 'go to hell' Date: 26-3-2023

    Is saying “go to hell” as a joke kufr or shirk? Will the person who said it end up in hell because they spoke for something that only Allah knows about? I have said it as a joke but then I immediately regretted it and started asking myself these questions. .. More

  • Ruling on bowing down to others Date: 26-3-2023

    In a BDSM role play ( slave-master) is it shirk to bow down to the other person as a form of a sexual gratification? ( I wont go in detail as to why a person would do that, as the fetish can be looked on online, it is a well known fetish) The person knows that there is no God but Allah and fully accepts it.I think this is a popular fetish and there.. More

  • Is marriage compulsory in Islam? Date: 23-3-2023

    Is it permissible for a woman not to get married for no reason and she doesn't fear falling in Zina? .. More

  • Supplicating Allah Almighty along with employing the means to achieve desired goals Date: 23-3-2023

    If a man has a hormonal imbalance from a blood test, can he make dua for Allah to cure him without him losing weight or changing his diet? He is overweight and eats junkfood, doctor says he should lose weight and change diet to help fix this since they contribute to the imbalance, but can the man make dua and not change his lifestyle? He wants to make.. More

  • Hadith: The Hour will not be established until a fire comes out of the land of Hejaz and throws light on the necks of camels in Busra Date: 23-3-2023

    There is a hadith: “The Hour will not be established until a fire comes out from Ruman or Rakubah that will illuminate the necks of camels at Busra.” (At-Tabarani). Where is Ruman/Rakubah? Is this hadith authentic and did it come true? Is there mass transmitted reports of the people of Busra witnessing this event? .. More