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Using silver utensils of any kind


I know it is forbidden to eat or drink in silver utensils. What about silver trays, silver-plated trays, and other utensils?


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

It is Haram to use trays made of silver or silver-plated for food or drink. Also, it is Haram to use a censer or any similar utensil that is made of silver.
Furthermore, it is Haram to use the food or drink or censer and any other material as long as it is in a silver utensil. In other words, you have to change the utensil to make that material Halal, or take it in the hand that is not carrying that container.
According to al-Hanabilah even possessing golden or silver utensils without using them is forbidden. al-Malikiyah, al-Shafiyah (according to the most correct opinion) are also of the same opinion. But al-Ahnaf believer that merely possessing them is allowed, but using them is forbidden.
Imam al-Nawawi said in al-Majmouh': 'The prohibition of using golden and silver utensils is common, i.e. using them for eating, drinking, making ablution or bath, urinating, etc. Moreover, using a silver spoon or a silver censer is also forbidden' .
al-Nawawi also said: ' al-Shafi scholars agree that possessing such material is forbidden. This is also the opinion of al-Malikiyah and the majority of Muslim scholars. There is a general rule that what is forbidden to use, is forbidden to possess, like a drum (a musical instrument) since it might lead one to use it. Furthermore, the reason golden and silver utensils are forbidden for use is to avoid extravagance. This reason exists in possessing them too. For the above-mentioned reason the objection of those who believe that Sharia prohibits only using such material becomes void. Because the reason of prohibition for using them, i.e. extravagance exists in possessing them too' .
However, using the trays that are only silver coloured (neither made of silver nor silver-plated) is permissible.
Allah knows best.

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