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Sucking the wife’s breast


1) What is the Islamic way to perform oral sex?
2) My wife has excess of milk and after feeding baby, still lot amount of milk remains in her breast which need to be consumed, otherwise its pain her and also will gone stop process of milk production and we cant afford it as baby is only 2 months old, she had tried to waste the milk by pumping it out with machine and by hand too and she suffers pain doing this, after consulting with doctor, doctor says the only way to overcome this problem is by sucking in natural way, so since our baby cant drink it all, so I started helping her by sucking her milk after when baby had feed so she don’t have milk remain in her breast which pains her, so I want know can I carry on this help as baby drink only small amount of milk at time and she cant waste it by artificial way.


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

There is no direct and explicit evidence in Shariah that prevent from sucking a husband’s penis or licking a wife’s vagina. Hence, it is permissible but it is preferable and advisable to avoid such practice since it is contrary to good etiquette and proper decencies. However, it is not allowed to swallow any impurity i.e. Madhi; as for Mani (sperm) one should avoid swallowing it since it is impure according to some scholars, and deemed filthy according to some other scholars.

As for sucking the wife’s breast, it is permissible to enjoy oneself or for the reason mentioned in the question. But it is better to spit out the wife’s milk and avoid swallowing it. However, if some milk reaches one’s stomach it does not harm since the suckling of an adult person does not cause blood relations according the majority of Muslim scholars, including the four Imams and others.

Allah knows best.

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