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  • Not Obligatory to Turn on the Lights at Maghrib or ‘Isha’ Date: 15-11-2021

    As salamu alaikum. Someone told me that we should turn on the lights in our house when it is time of adhan of maghrib.They mean when it is dark.Some people also say that we should also turn on the lights when it is time of adhan of isha and fajr prayer because there is darkness at that time.I want to know that if it is from the quran and the sunnah.. More

  • Purity Is Not Obligatory for Calling Athaan Date: 14-10-2021

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Is it obligatory to be in the state of wudhu to give azan? .. More

  • No Prohibition for Eating and Drinking at the Time of the Athan: It Applies Only to the Muath-thin Date: 7-9-2021

    Is it permissible or allowed to eat during the time of Adhan (for general time, not in Ramadan). Many people in our society say that, you can not eat during the adhan is reciting. Many say, if you are hungry then you can eat. Which is correct? .. More

  • Hadeeth: Whoever Hears the Athaan and Doesn’t Join Congregation without Excuse Date: 30-3-2021

    Assalaam Alaykum, ive heard a hadith with something along the lines of that the 1 who hears the adhan and doesn't attend then no prayer is valid for him, elsewhere a sheikh said 1 is sinful but praying at home is still valid, what is the correct information on this and if the prayer is invalid, does this only apply to the mosque or also apply if an.. More

  • A Woman Is Not Allowed to Call the Athaan or the Iqaamah Date: 4-5-2020

    If a husband and wife only or a mother and her son only prays obligatory salat at home in congregation,provided that the man or the son cannot attend the masjid since it is closed by government due to corona virus pandemic then should the husband or the son should give iqamah who are the imams or should the follower of imam in this case the mother or.. More

  • Requirements For Calling the Athaan Date: 16-7-2018

    What are the requirements in regard to age, beard and clothing for the person who call athan. .. More

  • Repeating after Muaththin while performing ablution Date: 15-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. 1. Can a person answer the azan while performing ablution? 2. When entering the masjid after having performed ablution, which prayer should a person perform, the two units of prayer related to performing ablution or those of the salutation of the mosque? .. More

  • Replying to both athaans of Fajr and both athaans of Friday Date: 12-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Do we reply to both azans of the Fajr (Azan of Tahajjud and azan of the Fajr)? Do we reply to both azans of the Friday prayer? Do we reply to the Iqaamah (second, small call to prayer)? .. More

  • Ruling on talking to the muezzin while calling the azan Date: 2-5-2017

    Is it permissible to interrupt the muezzin and talk to him due to an important matter while he is calling the azan? .. More

  • The muezzins will have the longest necks on the Day of Resurrection Date: 2-5-2017

    Concerning a man calling the azan for the Fajr prayer and at other times, what is the excellence of the azan and taking great care of the Fajr prayer, as he comes to the masjid about an hour before it? .. More

  • Appointing mu'aththin in mosque Date: 2-5-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is it obligatory to appoint a muezzin to call the azan for the masjid given that the messenger of Allaah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam,appointed Bilaal, may Allah be pleased with him? .. More

  • Delaying entering toilet until athaan ends Date: 22-4-2017

    I have a question about the azan. One of our imams told us not to enter the toilet when you are hearing it. People like me, who perform ablution in a bath with an attached toilet (three-in-one), have I to wait till the azan is over? Also, I hear the azan from two mosques. If I give time for the first one to be finished, then the second one will start... More

  • Placing index fingers in ears when calling Athaan and Iqaamah Date: 10-4-2017

    I know that when we call the azan we touch our ears, but do we do the same when saying the Iqaamah (second call the prayer, which signals that the prayer is about to start)? Meaning, when we say the Takbeer (saying: Allaahu Akbar) before the prayer, do we touch our ears as well? I hope you understand the question. Please kindly answer it. Thank you. .. More

  • Delaying athaan to ensure time of Fajr started Date: 18-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaukum. The imam of our community asked me to ask you the following question: We live in Spain, in a place where it is difficult to appreciate the signs of the time of the Fajr due to several reasons, like the light in the streets. As the prayer is invalid if one prays before its time, the imam has decided to advance the azan 20 minutes from.. More

  • Athaan not obligatory when praying at home in congregation Date: 14-2-2017

    I and my family pray together. When we come to pray, do we have to say the athaan, or can we just start the prayer right away? Say that we pray the Thuhr at 3 PM, do we have to say the athaan then? I hope that my question is clear. .. More