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  • Expiation for Not Fasting Should Be Given to a Muslim Date: 27-8-2019

    Assalaamu alay kum, Is fidyah for not fasting in Ramadan due to a chronic illness only to be given to a Muslim? Or can it be given also to a non-Muslim? Jazakallahu khaiyr Fazal Ibrahim Orlando, FL .. More

  • Did Not Make Up for Previous Missed Fasting Days Date: 16-7-2019

    Assalamoaleikum. I am 19 years old female who did not make up fasts from previous years when menstruating due to negligience. I intend on making those fasts this year but I also have found out that I need to pay fidya and that it accumulates over the years. I don't have a job or money and cannot pay this. What should I do? .. More

  • Poor person who cannot pay expiation of fast Date: 15-5-2017

    My female relative suffers from diabetes and hypertension, and she is living with only one kidney. So the physician advised her not to fast Ramadan because fasting puts her health at risk. When she asked her husband to give her the money therewith to feed the poor for the days she does not fast, he refused, and she has no money to do so. Now she does.. More

  • Expiation for pregnant or suckling woman who breaks fast Date: 15-5-2017

    There is a woman who is 8 months pregnant. The doctor has told her not to fast in Ramadan. What shall she do? How much should she pay in Egyptian pounds per each day of fasting that she comes to miss? Should she pay this money or her husband? .. More

  • Expiation not dropped by repentance Date: 15-5-2017

    I owe an expiation because of debts that I have not paid off. Now I have repented. Shall I still observe the expiation, or is repentance sufficient? .. More

  • Fatwa of Yahya ibn Yahya Al-Laythi for prince who had sexual intercourse in Ramadan Date: 15-5-2017

    It is reported that one of the rulers broke his oath. Al-Munthir ibn Sa‘id Al-Balluti, the famous Andalusi scholar, gave him a fatwa to fast instead of feeding the needy. The people blamed Al-Munthir that he gave a fatwa that contradicts the Sharee’ah! He said what means that the ruler could easily feed the needy and that this did not constitute.. More

  • Giving expiation to orphan or Mujahid Date: 15-5-2017

    I owe the expiation that is prescribed for the delay of missed fasts. Can I pay this expiation for the sponsorship of orphans? Can I give it to the same people but at intervals? Can I pay it to those who perform jihad? .. More

  • Whether one can give monetary value of expiation to somebody who then feeds poor on their behalf Date: 15-5-2017

    I live in France. I have to feed sixty poor people. Frankly, I do not know poor people here. Can I give the monetary value of the food to a mosque around here? Would it be permissible to send the money to another country or donate it to a charitable organization that supports Palestine? .. More

  • One cannot pay expiation on someone’s behalf without being authorized to do so Date: 15-5-2017

    I am a 20-year-old girl. I reached puberty when I was 13. I started wearing the hijab when I was 15. I used to not fast in Ramadan regularly back then. About two years later (as far as I remember), I started to be a committed Muslim. However, I did not observe the days of fasting that I missed in Ramadan back in those days. I started to make up for.. More

  • Expiation is paid for purpose of feeding poor Date: 15-5-2017

    I am required to feed poor people as expiation for the delay of observing fasts that I have missed in Ramadan. I do not know poor or needy people in my area. However, I know some people who are in debt and others who need money to build a house or get married and the like. Can I pay the expiation to these people? I am a married woman. Can I pay the.. More

  • Ruling on providing money instead of food to expiate for the delay of making up missed fasts Date: 10-5-2016

    I have come across a Fatwa on your website concerning delaying making up for the days of fasting that one misses in Ramadan. I have read that delaying this requires one to feed a poor person for each day of fasting that he missed. The amount of food is estimated at a certain amount of grams of foodstuff. I have also read that it is not permissible to.. More

  • Does not fasting on Mondays and Thursdays require an expiation? Date: 10-5-2016

    What is the due expiation if somebody is not able to fast on Mondays and Thursdays? .. More

  • Offering the expiation on behalf of someone Date: 9-5-2016

    There is a young man who is 18 years old. He has never fasted. The reason is that he has diabetes and takes medicine every day. If he is not able to fast, can he offer the expiation for his fast-breaking? What if he cannot afford it? Can his parents pay it on his behalf? .. More

  • Non-fasting person committed indecent act in Ramadaan Date: 5-12-2015

    Assalam alikumI am in deep despair, I have committed a grave sin during Ramadan. I have committed sexual relations with my unmarried partner (although no intercourse). I am unable to fast due to long-term ill health so I have been feeding a person who is fasting every day instead. I want to know if I also have to pay khaafar (feed 60 poor people) for.. More

  • The definition of ‘the poor’ as eligible benefactors of expiations Date: 4-6-2015

    One of the ways by which the major expiation is observed is to feed sixty poor people. What is the definition of a poor person (miskeen)? How much should I pay if I want to give money instead of food? Is it permissible to distribute the entire amount of either food or money to children? .. More