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  • How to build a house through Muraabahah Date: 14-9-2006

    SalamuAlaykum, I have read all your fatwa's regarding mortgages but did not find an answer to a question that I have in mind. I am basically buying a land and building a house on it through a construction company. I am not going to borrow money from the bank and pay the construction company, instead, the bank is going to pay the company the cost of.. More

  • Investment with the guarantee of capital money plus profit Date: 14-2-2006

    I have a manufacturing business and due to shortfall of capital I want to seek an investment from some one. If I seek investment such as Rs. 100000/- from a person for a period of one month without fixing any percentage of profit and saying that total of profit earned through this Rs. 100000/- will be divided equally between us. Although, I calculate.. More

  • When the co-partnership starts Date: 30-1-2006

    My question is about Mudhaarabah: When the Mudhaarabah starts according to Sharee'ah. Does the Mudhaarabah starts when the body partner (Mudhaarib) starts the work? What if the capital partner asks the body partner to starts working, then say to him that the Mudarabah between us will starts after one year for instance, is this permissible.. More

  • His wife shares a restaurant with him and sells pork in it Date: 28-11-2005

    I have a restaurant my wife is my partner, and she selling a pork I sad that is Haraam and very hard to communicate with her, we find solution that I don't want to take money for the pork she sell everyday, I can know how much money she make everyday from the pork, I share all money except pork. Please help. .. More

  • Buying partner's share if its value has increased Date: 17-11-2005

    I bought a house with another brother we share it I have 75% and the other brother owns 25% of the house, after a year the brother wants to buy another 25% so we become equal share 50-50% of the house. The house value has increased. How much the brother has to pay me? Is it 25% of the current value or 25% of my share of the house? Could you please.. More

  • Having partnership to a lawful business with someone who has forbidden activities Date: 15-11-2005

    My husband has a restaurant supply so everything it is Halaal okay. Now his friend has restaurants but he has drink (wine) and pork in his work but he want to open a Halaal meat grocery store and he wants my husband partner with what do you thing is it Halaal or Haraam to go with in the same business because all his money Haraam. Please answer me.. More

  • Responsibility in a business partnership Date: 6-6-2005

    I entered into a partnership. I made very clear to the other partners (who actually run the business) that they should not do anything unIslamic no matter how profitable it may be. Now if they do something not allowed, will I be responsible? .. More

  • Going into business with a partner who will take a bank loan Date: 30-3-2005

    I wish to invest money in some business with a partner. I know that taking loan from banks in non-Islamic country for the purpose of increasing wealth is Haraam since they deal with interest. So I'm going to use only what I have saved. But my partner wants to take a loan with interest because his money is not enough. Is it OK to go in business.. More

  • Terminating a partnership based only upon a verbal agreement Date: 29-9-2004

    Please, bear with my email since it is long. This question is regarding a Business partnership. Iand my friend decided to do a business based on partnership. I and he did Istikhaara regarding doing the business partnership. I invested 3,000 Dhs. and my friend invested 2,500 Dhs. We began our business on 1st March 2003. We did not sign.. More

  • A broker guarantees profits Date: 9-8-2004

    The forex market is equated to gambling (people might win or lose money) but I have found a broker who is guaranteeing profits. If he goes into loss, he will simply return my money. The profits that I get are calculated on the amount of investments I make, not the profits that he makes. Is it Halal? .. More

  • His business partner took a loan with interest Date: 26-7-2004

    I am Moroccan and I started doing business with a Muslim from an African country. We decided to build a partnership in order to sell some products abroad. He asked me to send him my part of money and after selling products I'll receive 40% of the gain. After we finished the transaction I discovered that he took a credit from a bank with interest to.. More

  • A group of brothers formed a profit-making business Date: 11-5-2004

    We formed a 25-member trust, by accumulating Qr. 100 per month. We are giving loan for members without interest/profit. This was the basic theme of our trust (a self-helping trust for the members). Now we have excess fund and we started to do business. For example, if a person needs a computer we will buy it for them. The cost of computer Qr.2,.. More

  • Dealings with non-Muslims Date: 31-1-2004

    To what extent can Muslims engage in business with non-Muslims? Is it possible to engage in business with the non-believers when it involves the Masjid donations, or non-Muslims advertising in Islamic literature?.. More

  • Dissolving a partnership Date: 26-1-2004

    Two people are partners in business and one partner decides to pull out of the business even at the loss of his investment and the other partners makes a promise that, Insha Allah one day he'll return the other's investment to him (the person concerned verified he was not looking for his money back; he just wants to cancel the partnership). Is such.. More

  • Profit Percentage Versus Salary Date: 3-12-2003

    Two persons started a business were each one of them paid an equal amount of money and is getting 50% of the profit however only one of them physically work at place and he gets in return a weekly salary is this Halal or should he get a higher percentage instead. .. More