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  • Hadeeth ‘Whoever Enters a Horse among Two Horses’ Date: 14-2-2022

    selemu aleykoum, I read a hadith about competitions that says: "Whoever enters a horse among two horses in a competition and there is no guarantee which horse will win, then this is not considered as gambling. On the other hand, if a horse is entered in a competition between two horses, and there is a guarantee that one of them will win, then that is.. More

  • Condemning attacks against homosexuals - competing for prize money Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have asked you a question on taking help from homosexuals for common human rights in the West, where homosexuality is allowed. You said that it is generally allowed to take help from them in the causes which benifit the Muslim community. I have another question: A year ago there was an attack on a homosexual club. This attack is.. More

  • Winning competition because of seemingly unfair advantage Date: 17-9-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. In a competition in our office, we recently won a prize. Now, since the organizer of the event was part of our team, we had a slight unfair advantage because we had access to what other people were presenting. Although we did not copy their idea, access to the material of others gave us a sense of what was lacking in our presentation,.. More

  • Ruling on competition prizes Date: 10-5-2011

    What is the ruling on competition prizes?.. More

  • Paying entry fees to participate in a sports tournament Date: 2-11-2010

    Respected Sir, As Salam o Alaikum !!! I, along with my team mates, recently invited one of our friends to join us in a sports tournament (cricket to be specific), to which he replied that he cannot participate as the Event Management is asking for (approx.) SAR 300.00 as 'entry fee' and all they are giving to the winners, runners-up are trophies.. More

  • Drawing lots to select a winner from many who deserve the prize Date: 22-11-2006

    The Madrassah in our locality often organises competions. Sometimes there are many winners. Because of the great number of winners all of them are not given a gift but a draw is done to select one or two or three winners and they are awarded a prize/gift. Is it permissible to perform the draw according ti Islam? .. More

  • Sweepstakes (lottery on horse racing) Date: 1-6-2005

    Are Sweepstakes Haraam? .. More

  • Betting on horse riding and camel racing Date: 26-4-2004

    Is it permissible for a Muslim to bet on Halal games like horse riding or camel racing?.. More