621 fatwas

  • Donating money to wife and daughters to prevent brothers from inheriting Date: 8-7-2001

    A relative of mine has a wife and three daughters and two brothers, and he wants to donate all his money to his wife and his daughters to prevent his brothers from inheriting him. Is this accepted in Islam or not?.. More

  • Distributing One’s Wealth As One Wishes Date: 1-1-2001

    Are there any restrictions on a Muslim distributing his wealth as he pleases during his life? The money consists of our father's own earnings and the earnings of his sons who lived together with him. The father in his lifetime distributed his property unequally among two sons, saying that their earnings were not equal. Can one brother, in the father's.. More

  • Inheritance of Wife, Brother, and Two Sisters Date: 7-9-2000

    If a man died and he left a wife, a brother, two sisters, and a son of his dead brother, how should his money be divided? .. More

  • Woman Died and Left Two Brothers and Two Sisters Date: 7-9-2000

    If a woman died and she left two brothers, two sisters, and a son of her dead brother, how should her money be divided? .. More

  • Computer program for inheritence Date: 1-2-2000

    Is there a computer program to solve the shares of inheritance according to Islam?.. More

  • Inheritance Containing Interest Date: 5-9-1999

    I would like to ask if someone received an inheritance from his/her relative whose earnings had some haram things like interests and he or she knows this, what is he or she supposed to do? .. More