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  • Monthly Rent from Inheritance not Being Divided Properly Date: 13-9-2022

    Monthy rent from Inheritance not being divide properly,all heirs werent consulted,im trying for months to set it right,bt no one listen toMe,uncle dosnt tell me how much is total amnt recieved,i dont've access to it,he deny to give documents.idont know what my share is,i recieve a certain sum monthly, im trying bt until its fixed i need to depnd on.. More

  • A case of Inheritance Date: 31-7-2022

    Assalaamu ‘Alaykum; Please calculate the inheritance according to the following information -Does the deceased have male relatives who are entitled to inherit: (A full brother) Number 1 (A nephew from a full brother) Number 1 -Does the deceased have female relatives who are entitled to inherit : (A full sister) Number 1 - Additional information :.. More

  • A Case Related to Inheritance Date: 31-7-2022

    SalaamQuestion is related to inheritance. My father passed away last year and my mother is refusing to give my brother and I our share of inheritance. She has a property abroad which is currently trying to sell as well as a property here in the UK. My father also had a shop abroad which my mother has sold.She says she does not have to give us our share.. More

  • A Case of Inheritance Date: 25-7-2022

    Assalaamu ‘Alaykum; Please calculate the inheritance according to the following information -Does the deceased have male relatives who are entitled to inherit: (A full brother) Number 1 (A nephew from a full brother) Number 1 .. More

  • The Inheritance of a Muslim Woman who is Married to a non-Muslim Man Date: 20-7-2022

    Sir Namaste.If a Muslim lady married a non Muslim , is she eligible for Share in her father's propertyafter the death of her father? .. More

  • Being Just Between Male and Female Children Is in Relation to Gift Not Inheritance Date: 9-9-2021

    As per Surah Nisa, the male gets twice the share of female. Can a parent violate this command by gifting all property equal between a son and daughter? .. More

  • Before Passing away, His Father Singed the Deed of the House to His Mother Date: 5-9-2021

    My dad past away several years ago before passing away he singed the deed of the house to my moms name due to problems with my brother is that halal or haram in Islam on his behalf .. More

  • Heirs May Be Forced to Sell the House Date: 30-3-2021

    My grandfather died in 2011. He had no sons but 3 daughters, 4 brothers, and 3 sisters. Problem here is related to inheritance land. Even if all other property gets distributed, what about the land of house in which her wife is living. Heirs are now demanding division of home too, torturing my grandmother to just give up. Shouldn't my grandmother live.. More

  • Paying Expiation for a Broken Oath on Behalf of a Deceased Person Date: 3-3-2021

    If someone dies while intending to expiate for a broken oath or makeup their fasting, but no one knows about it and they don’t offer them in the dead persons behalf, will the dead person be forgiven for it? .. More

  • Their Deceased Father Favored His Sons Over His Daughters When Gifting Them Date: 23-1-2021

    Salam. I am Sehrish from Pakistan. My father died in 2016. We are 4 daughters and 2 brothers. During his last years my father gave all his property (plots, houses, agricultural lands) to 2 sons, in his will, using some legal rule " Khidmat Hibba". Our father was well and healthy till his death and had two pensions and was not burden on my brothers at.. More

  • Wealth Earned by the Deceased Through Selling Alcohol Is Unlawful for the Heirs Date: 2-12-2020

    Salam aleikum.A family lives in house wich was inherited from their relative and when he died, he was not praying and the source of his sustenance was illicit(sale of alcohol). The family decides to sell their house, can they accept these money? Are the money halal or haram? .. More

  • Establishing Justice and Equality among Sons and Daughters in Gift-Giving Is Obligatory Date: 4-10-2020

    Assalamu alaikumI have 3 sons and one doughter in my life time i wish to give all my wealth(property and cash)equally divided portions to all my children it is correct or i should give 2 parts to sons and 1 part to daughter please clear doubt.jazakalla .. More

  • Children of Real Mother Vs Those of Surrogate Mother in Inheritance Date: 21-9-2020

    Assalam Alaykum,If my sibling had a child born via surrogacy (ie gestational surrogacy = embryo of the couple created IVF and implanted in a hired surrogate, carried and delivered by caesarean)-- what is the status of the child, Islamically?How do I and my family interact with the child? Do the same rights/relationship with the child exist as there.. More

  • Publishing What the Deceased Had Written If It is Beneficial Date: 17-9-2020

    Assalam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,Is it halal or haram to share a message written by a deceaded Muslim, rahimo Allah, in order to clarify some issues with other Muslims ? BaarakAllahu fikum for your answer. .. More

  • Muslim Sons Do Not Have the Right to Dispose of their Non-Muslim Mother’s Land and Property Date: 27-8-2020

    Assal?m alaykum. Beloved Shaykh i would like to know the ruling regarding two sons who're muslims but their mother is a non-muslim (Christian) who is unfortunately mentally ill for years now she has a piece of land under her ownership can her two sons use it or sell it for themselves considering that she's been mentally ill for years since they were.. More