1006 fatwas

  • The Perfect Age to Marry Date: 17-7-2002

    I want to ask when is the 'perfect' age for marriage. A friend of my mother knows a brother who is looking to get married so, my friend's mother wanted to nominate me. Should I say yes and wait till I finish high school (I'm 16) or should I get married now? .. More

  • Marriage custom in Bombay Date: 15-7-2002

    I am from Bombay India. We have a custom that after Nikah we take our wife to our home and we spend one night with her and the next day we make reception. After that we send our wife to her parents home and after 4-5 days we go to her home and take her back to our home. Is there anything like this in Islam? If not, is what we are doing Wrong, (Haram).. More

  • Using Friends to Find Husband before Informing Her Parents Date: 14-7-2002

    I have frequently heard that it is permissible for a woman to arrange her own marriage through pious Muslim female friends (and usually the help of their husbands) without any impermissible contact with the intended husband. Is this true? Does this mean that a woman can let some friends know that she is interested in marriage and ask them to help her,.. More

  • After Seeing His Fiancé’s Picture, He Does Not Want to Marry Her Date: 14-7-2002

    I got engaged with a girl 4 months ago without seeing the girl. Now I have her photograph but I did not like her (looks). I don't feel like marrying her. I don't want to deceive her but I will not be able to live with her for life. I am in a mess. Can you please give me suggestion as what should I do in such a situation? .. More

  • Muslim Wants Help in Choosing a Wife Date: 8-7-2002

    I'm originally Muslim Arab. I'm living in North America. I want to marry. Is it better to take who is originally a Muslimah, or who reverted to Islam, or who wants to become a Muslim? I need an advice. .. More

  • Wants to Marry in China Date: 8-7-2002

    I am in the Kafir country, and I would like to protect my self from Zina. I asked Muslims here to marry but I was rejected because I am a student. So can I marry a Kafir girl who announces Islam just by her mouth and I am not sure from her heart? I am in China and most people are communist or Buddhist. .. More

  • Muslim Man Married to Buddhist Woman Date: 8-7-2002

    I am married with a woman from Holland and after that I discovered that she believe in Buddha and I have a girl from this woman. I don't know what I have to do because I am Muslim. In the beginning she told me that she is Christian. Really I don't know what I have to do. .. More

  • Love Relationship without Sex Date: 7-7-2002

    What is the opinion in Islam about love relationships (not sexual)? .. More

  • Taking a Second Wife Date: 3-7-2002

    Please tell me the procedures for a man to take a second wife and does he need the consent of the first wife? Can I put in my marriage contract that my husband to be, can only take a second wife with my permission? .. More

  • Teenagers in Love Date: 3-7-2002

    As we know, nowadays many teenagers are involved in love. So, please let me know what Islam says about this problem. .. More

  • Muslim student behaving with her male co-students Date: 26-6-2002

    How can a Muslim student behave with her male colleagues?.. More

  • Liking a Girl but Not Socializing with Her Date: 23-6-2002

    Is it allowed in Islam to like a girl in your heart but not to hang out with her? .. More

  • A Young Man Wants to Marry Girl Aged 13 Date: 15-6-2002

    I'm 20 years old and, Allah has shown me the right way. I decided to get married, but the girl that I want is 13 years old and she doesn't want to get married before 20. I'm not asking in her to get married now, but she still decided to get married at 20. So what does the Shari'a say and what is the Sunnah? .. More

  • Relations with fiance Date: 10-6-2002

    I'm engaged and I love him very much and he loves me too, but I don't shake hands with him, also I don't express by words about my love.Everyone says I'm wrong, but I'm satisfied. Sometimes I feel that he wants me to tell him that I love him or things like that, but I feel that is Haram. What is the limit of talking between us although I'm a practising.. More

  • Husband of two wives unable to be just to second wife Date: 5-6-2002

    My husband has several children by his first wife, and two by me, his second wife. We are both Muslim. Neither of us knew of the other's existence for many years. For over four years now we knew we share the same husband. His first wife refuses to accept his second marriage and uses the well being of the children to blackmail my husband from being just... More