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  • Rulings of marriage after converting to Islam

    السلام عليكمShaykh My two friends who were hindus and reverted to Islam. They both are cousins to each other.In there city from where they belong a custom is followed of buying and selling girls of lower caste by priest of temple as slave for upper caste also known as dev dasi. One of them bought the girl and that girl had given birth to.. More

  • Ruling on a Christian woman marrying a Muslim Man

    Hi I'm a catholic girl and I fell in love with a Muslim man who I work with. I had an ex-boyfriend before I met this Muslim man. I'm still a virgin as I haven't gone to the extent of sex, however, I engaged in oral sex with my ex but that was also before I met the man I'm in love with now. I haven't engaged in any sexual activity for the past 2 years.. More

  • Involved in Illicit Relationship, Caused Her to Leave Work and Accommodation and Now Hesitant about Marrying Her

    Assalamu alaikum brother and sister,Brother and sisters, im in deep pain, i did dhulm to my self and also to others, i had a haram relationship and i regret it. I was planning to marry a girl, she had an Apartment in a city far away from mine and i decided to search for an Apartment here in my city so she can live in my city, and here you may already.. More

  • Can wife supplicate that her husband does not marry a second wife?

    If a husband is interested in polygamy and says that he may go for it if he gets more free time in future for two wives then is it permissible for the wife to make duaa that her husband changes his mind as she wants to remain as only wife of his in their married life and can't bear sharing him? he's still not sure due to his work hours being more but.. More

  • Criteria for Marriage

    i am a devoted muslim always trying to avoid Riba. but i found out that my fiancée was born and raised with riba money. can that affect our offsprings, purity of my rizq? can I still marry her?? .. More

  • Can a 15 year old teenager be a guardian in a marriage?

    As salamu laikum,Can a 15 year old teenager be a wallee in a marriage if the eldest male is non-Muslim, or should they have an Imam stand in, and if they have already done the contract should they do it again with an older Muslim male?Thank you, may Allah reward you. .. More

  • Wants to Consider Her Marriage Haram If Her Parents Took Money from Relatives

    As- salaamu alaykum. My friend told her parents, that she would consider her marriage haram on herself and will not agree for marriage,if her parents took money from relatives and perform her nikaah. She wanted her parents to borrow money if needed rather than ask her relatives for help. But inspite of this her parents took money from relatives and.. More

  • Touching the Hand of Fiancé's Mother

    i have question that i touch hand of mother of my fiancé and it raises some feelings in me at that time, i will have nikah in few days with her daughter so is there any problem in having nikkah with her daughter .. More

  • The Right of Choosing a Spouse

    Assalamualaikum... I love my cousin so much and wanted to marry him. But my mother is not ready for our marriage. Though his parents are supporting our marriage. I don't have a father not even a brother, but i have 3 uncles(brothers of my father) and they are also opposing my decision. They want me to get married to a boy of their choice without.. More

  • Was Refused Proposal Because of Having Nerve Damage and Pain in His Vertebrate

    Salam Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi w barakatu,I'll try to make this as short as possible. I got into a car accident 10 years ago and I shattered my vertebrae, alhamdulillah I can still walk fine, but I do take medication for nerve damage and pain. The girl I want to marry (a relative) knows about this problem and does not see an issue with it. The parents,.. More

  • Wants to Marry His Wife’s Sister

    Aslam O AliekumIs there any permission for Muslim man to marry 2 sisters , But they are step sisters , From same mother but not same Father ? Hope you understand my question , Thanks Jazak Allah .. More

  • Non-Muslim Man who Has Good Character Wants to Marry Her

    marrying a non muslim mansalam,I have been proposed by a non muslim man. He doesnt practise any religion but has good character . He wants to Live by the will of Allah swt and follow his guidelines but wont take the Sahadah. Could you please answer this question for me? .. More

  • Fell in Love with the Wife of His Brother In-Law

    Salams. I have been married 7 years. but my wife quite abusive and even aborted our first baby. We now have a baby boy. she has no patience with kids and has never treated my mother kindly. I have recently fallen in love with my wives brother's wife. and i wish to marry her. and have her in my life in a halal manner. Please advice. jazakallah .. More

  • Characteristics to Ask about the Fiancée

    Assalamu alaikum. I am currently looking for a sister to marry, and physical qualities are very important to me. What sort of questions may I ask the Wali to gain an understanding of the sister's condition in this regard? May I ask about things such as her general attractiveness, height, weight, hair color, skin tone, etc.? .. More

  • His Friend’s Wife Got Married to a Non-Muslim Man While She Is Still Married to Him

    SalaamOne of my friend's wife did a heinous sin of getting married to a non muslim man secretly using their traditional method without divorcing him in the first place. I am assuming that this marriage is not valid. My friend forgave her and kept her in marriage. However recently they had a fight and he said to her ''You got married to so and so"" or.. More