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  • Can one follow a fatwa from any scholar or School of Fiqf (madh'hab)?

    Is it required to follow the fatwa of your city. What if you learn your Islamic knowledge of things ( fatwa, rulings, etc) through websites, internet university, etc that may be based in a different country. .. More

  • Confused on Which Madhab to Follow

    I'm confused on what madhab should I follow. As far as I know most of the books on Sahih Hadith was written after the 4 imams had died. Doesn't it mean that Abu Hanifa and other imams didn't get access to a lot of Sahih Hadith? What should I do? .. More

  • A Muslim Follows the Truth Regardless of the Math-Hab He Imitates

    Assalamu alaykum va rohmatullohi va barakatuh! I have downloaded I I I have downloaded from your site books for women and anothe books.. But my mazhab is hanafi. It is allowed to me to read them? Haven't they difference? .. More

  • Thinks that His Father Is not Following the Sunnah

    Salam aleykum wa rahmatullah. I have questions that’s been bothering me for a while. My family and i are from Afghanistan which is a country that follows the Hanafi mazhab. Ever since i’ve started doing my own research and reading the six books of hadith, i’ve come to realise that there are a lot of things that we are doing wrong and not in accordance.. More

  • When is a Lay-Muslim Permitted to Follow Concessions?

    Salam,I have a question regarding hurmat musaaharah. I am severely affected from OCD so i got lot of waswasas about this issue. My question is that i am following Hanafi Madhab can i follow your Fatwas regarding hurmat e musaahrah (e.g 318664) or notjQuery111009441319627245637_1543994284918I have fear that if i follow your fatwa do it come under tafliq.. More

  • Not Obliged To Follow a Specific Math'hab (School of Fiqh)

    My question is about waswas regarding following a particular madhab. Me and my husband used to follow hanafi. But in case of a conditional divorce, my husband asked our local scholar and got fatwa that it did not count as he only intended threat. I also wrote about it to you. But my mind is at unrest because I already knew about the hanafi fatwa that.. More

  • A Layman Follows the View of His Mufti

    As salami alaikum. My question is which body or scholar a couple should refer to if there is a confusing divorce situation they suddenly face. For example, if the husband said something that could result in divorce. The couple are orginally from Bangaldesh, where they married. In Bangladesh, there is a Muslim Family Law Ordinance passed by government.. More

  • Laymen obliged to follow trusted scholar in religious matters

    Assalaamu alaykum. My question is that in some religious issues, there are differences of opinions and fatwas between different scholars. If someone adopts the ruling on the basis of any fatwa, then who will bear the responsibility on his shoulder about its consequences on the Day of Judgment? Take as example Islamic banking, on which there is a difference.. More

  • Definition of following scholars’ concessions

    Assalaamu alaykum! According to one of your fatwas, following a scholar's concession is evil. What is the meaning of a scholar's concession? Is a decision made by the majority of the scholars a concession? Or is the meaning of a concession a decision made by only one scholar? I hope that you could give me a direct answer because I might have difficulty.. More

  • Weight of opinion of majority of scholars

    Assalaamu alaykum. We hear “the majority held this or that opinion” frequently. How much weight does the majority carry, and is there anything wrong with being a Jumhuri (a person who always follows the majority) except in cases where there is clear proof? Could a person adopt the majority as their Madhhab (School of Thought), and are there any.. More

  • When a layman may act according to the easiest opinion of the scholars

    I have read all the fatwas on this site regarding the issue which I am going to ask about, so, please, I prefer a personal answer. My question is regarding following Scholar/School of Thought A in some matters and Scholar/School of Thought B in other matters. For example, if I consult, they say that photography is not allowed as a hobby,.. More

  • Following other than four main Mathhabs

    Assalaamu alaykum, dear Shaykh. Is it true that Ibn Rajab wrote that it is forbidden to follow other than the four Mathhabs (main schools of Fiqh)? If so, is that a valid statement? Many scholars nowadays also cite and follow other Mathhabs; can such scholars be followed ? .. More

  • Believing that something is Halaal and then discover that it is Haraam on Day of Judgment

    If I believe that something is halal after examining all the evidence and arguments to the best of my ability, and I end up doing that thing in this life, but then, on the Day of Resurrection, I am informed that it was actually haram, will I be punished for it? .. More

  • Sunnah acts of prayer not followed by Hanafis

    I heard a Hanafi scholar say that raising the hands, saying 'Aamin' out loud, placing the hands on the chest in prayer, and so on should not be done in a country in which the majority of the people are Hanafis, even if one feels that the above-mentioned actions are closer to the Sunnah. These practices can only be performed in a country like Saudi Arabia,.. More

  • Priority is given to imitating the four Imaams before contemporary scholars

    Assalaamu alaykum. On your website, you have stated that a layman should follow the scholar that he thinks to be the most knowledgeable and trustworthy. We all know that Imams Abu Hanifah, Maalik, Shaafi, and Ahmed were far more knowledgeable than all of the contemporary scholars. Does this not mean that it is better to follow one of the above-mentioned.. More