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  • Sending blessings on the Prophet when forgetting something Date: 28-8-2001

    Can I say: "O Allah send our greetings to our Prophet and bless him" whenever I forget something... More

  • Du'a in gathering Date: 21-2-2001

    After a Qur'an recitation class or lesson is it Sunnah for all the people present in the class to raise their hands and make Du'a asking Allah (S.W.T) for general things of this life and Akhira after a gathering? Can the person who is giving the lecture say this Du'a Subhanka Allah humma wa bihamdika nashhadu an la ilaha illa anta wa nastagfiruka wa.. More

  • Majlis Mahboob Subhani Date: 2-9-2000

    Aas salamalaikum! I have been living in Gulf for last 7years, and I learnted in this period true Islam, I have tried my best to conveyid to my parents & others in India. Inspite of all this they practice Bidah after my return to Gulf, such as performing of Majlis Mahboob subhani by reading a book 11 Majalis. He is buried in Iraq as for as my knowledge... More