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  • Wrap wound and wipe over it or perform Tayammum Date: 21-8-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. If someone has a wound, are they obligated to try and wrap that wound and wipe over it while performing ablution and Ghusl (ritual bath)? Or is it ok for them to perform Tayammum (dry ablution) regardless of whether or not they could wrap the wound? If it is obligatory to try and wrap the wound before performing Tayammum, are the.. More

  • Wiping over splints is legitimate in case of necessity Date: 25-8-2015

    Some of the contemporary scholars, including Al-Albani, may Allaah have mercy upon him, hold the view that wiping over splints is impermissible because the relevant Hadeeth is weak. They say that Tayammum (dry ablution) must be used with a splint after Wudhoo’ (ablution), and the splint is not to be wiped with water. What is the preponderant opinion?.. More

  • The covering on a burnt part of the body takes the same ruling as the splint Date: 21-3-2006

    I was deeply burnt in my arm and I am undergoing treatment, so how should I perform ablution taking into account that this burnt part of the body is covered. Also, how do I purify myself from menses? Is my prayer going to be accepted by Allaah? .. More

  • Making Ghusl with a splint Date: 17-2-2004

    My wife is pregnant, and has a mid line in her arm (an 8 inch IV catheter) to keep her hydrated. Water cannot touch that part of her arm, when she showers she must cover her entire arm. My question is: If I have sex with her, and she cannot make full Ghusl. Is this ok? What can we do in this situation?.. More

  • Making Ablution with Cast on Arm Date: 11-6-2001

    I would like to know how to practise Wudu and Ghusl with a cast in the arm.N.B. The arm is broken at the wrist and the cast should be worn for one month. .. More