970 fatwas

  • Evidence that Islam is from Allah Date: 1-12-2002

    How is Islam stronger and more logic than other religions, especially Christianity .. More

  • Cohabiting with a woman outside of marriage Date: 30-11-2002

    Can we have sex with slave woman? Know that I mean by slave woman that is mentioned in the Qur'an with the words: Ma Malakat Aymanukum what your right hand possess.Therefore is it permissible to have sex with a woman who is under control of someone not by force but with the free will of her and her parents. If a man has a woman living under his roof,.. More

  • Wants to Embrace Islam and Become a Good Muslim Woman Date: 20-11-2002

    I'm going to marry a Muslim man. My family's religion is Christian, but I learned about Islam I find a lot of truth in this religion. After marriage, should I change my religion (my heart says I should)? How can I become a good Muslim woman? What do I have to change? .. More

  • "Wahabies" Date: 17-11-2002

    What is the ruling about the group called "Ahl al-Sunnah Wa al-Jamaah" who are known by the name of "Wahabi"?.. More

  • Obligations for Da'wah (inviting others to Islam) Date: 5-11-2002

    With reference to Ayah No. 108 of Surah Yusuf, Ayah No. 110 of Surah Aal-Imran, Hadith: "Balligho Anni Walaw Ayah" and Hadith: "Al-Ulamoo warathat-ul-Anbiya", I want to ask the following questions: -1) Is the work of calling towards Allah (Da'wah and Tableegh) obligatory on every Muslim who is in Ummah of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) or it.. More

  • Tableegh al-Jamaah Date: 28-10-2002

    I have read in www.islamworl.com that this Jamaah is spreading Shirk and Bid'ah is it true? If it yes then explain to me... More

  • Using a local approach for Da'wah Date: 8-10-2002

    Is it allowed to use the local dialect as well as the traditions and customs in our country as a prelude to Da'wah to non-Arabs living here?This is a field that attracts these foreigners more than anything else. So, we get to them by inviting them to a traditional dish, sitting with them in the tent and accompanying them on excursions in the desert... More

  • Destination of devout Christians, Jews or Hindus Date: 7-10-2002

    I am a Muslim but have not been active, Astaghfirullah. I am changing but I want to ask will a Christian, a Jew or a Hindu for that matter enter Jannah because he lived up to his religion and so on, or will he go to hell? I am not sure... More

  • Muslim Convert Wants to Marry Muslim Man Date: 29-9-2002

    Can a woman who converted from Christianity to Islam get married to a Muslim man? This woman was married to a Christian man and has 1 child. She converted to Islam 4 months ago and she didn't inform her husband about that. She and her Christian husband were living in separate countries for the last year. She is practicing Islam now and she wants to.. More

  • Joining an Organization for Da'wah Date: 25-9-2002

    There are many Islamic organizations here each saying theirs is the correct one. But after studying them I leant that there is good and bad in each of them. After going through the Qur'an I realized that the most important thing to do is Da'wah to non-Muslims. So I decided to join the organization that has been doing it successfully. But unfortunately.. More

  • Associating with Qadiyani members Date: 22-9-2002

    I have three questions: 1) Is it Haram to eat and sit with Qadiyani people? 2) Is it Halal to divorce his wife in her period or pregnancy? Is it counted as divorce? Is saying three divorces in same moment and take her back right way and ask forgiveness to Allah permissible to do between couple? 3) If some one dies can we read whole Qur'an for that.. More

  • Calling Isa Jesus Date: 15-9-2002

    Will it be right to call Isa (peace be upon him) Jesus?.. More

  • Fall of Israel in Bible Date: 10-9-2002

    Where in the bible can I find about the fall of Israel 35 years after being established?.. More

  • Al-Khawarej Date: 4-9-2002

    I have, al-Hamdulillah, learned a lot through your web site. I wanted to ask about al-Khawarej, did Ali Ibn Abi say they were Kuffar or not? .. More

  • Muslims Are Weak and Called Terrorists Date: 3-9-2002

    Why are Muslim people weak today? Why are Kuffar people saying Muslims are terrorists? .. More