101 fatwas

  • Proper Meaning of Sufism Date: 11-12-2019

    Salam. Some Muslims claim to follow sufism only and not any madhab. Are they allowed to say something like this? .. More

  • Imam Ahmad Didn't Praise Sufis or Sufism Date: 1-12-2019

    I have heard that Imam Ahmad praised Sufis and said that they only do Raqs (dance) out of joy/love/emotion for Allah S.W.T. Is this true? And if not then what did he say about them. And also is it permissible to move, or sway or dance during the Majalis of Dhikr because it is an expression of deep emotion and love? And also Imam Ahmad reported in his.. More

  • Married To a Barelvi and Doesn't Want To Leave Him Date: 31-10-2019

    Assalamualikum.i have earlier ask u about being married to barelvi family n marriage validity.i dont want to leave my husband.he dont force me to do any barelvi act.he also doesnt bow to mazaar.he only says that the Awliyas are close to Allah and i only pray to Allah and he says that as far as i know that they are close to Allah so i tell them to tell.. More

  • Married to A Barelvi Husband Date: 12-9-2019

    Assalamualikum I am married to a barelvi family.they follow all rituals of barelvi sect.they visit shrines also.and also my husband offer only juma prayer.is my marriage valid or not?I am confused.plz reply me.May Allah rewad u with goodness.JazakAllah .. More

  • Question about a Deviant Person in India Date: 4-9-2018

    Shia Ahle Tashi, whose name is Sayyed Waseem Rizvi, who lives in Lucknow India.This Wasim Rizvi has been campaigning against Muslims of Hindustan, against Muslims and against Islam and usimg bad words against the Ali-e-din, going to the temple, describing himself as a Muslim and developing a temple on the ground floor of the mosque and gives donations.. More

  • Are Deobandis, Maturidis and Mu’tazilah Muslims? Date: 4-9-2018

    assalam alikum I was just wondering are deobandi muslims still muslims or are the kafirs and are mutazalites still muslims or not .. More

  • Praying In a Deobandi Masjid Date: 2-8-2018

    As’salaamu Alaikum Shaykh, Hayakallah. Can you please give me a specific fatwa for my circumstance? I live in the U.K. England and pray regularly in congregation at a masjid which is upon the Qur’an wa Sunnah wa Manhaj as-Salaf. This masjid is a 10 minute walk from my house. There is also a Deobandi masjid which is 2/3 minutes walk from my house... More

  • Harun Yahya Date: 10-5-2018

    What is your advise regarding the person Harun Yahya (real name Adnan Oktar)? Is he dangerous and does he have some sort of agenda against Islam? He dances with almost naked woman on the tunes of music, wears gold, hasn't written any book himself, doesnt have a proper beard and most importantly his over all lifestyle depicts him to be least trustworthy... More

  • Reading Al-Hikam by Ibn ‘Ata'illah As-Sakandari Date: 14-6-2017

    I would like to know if the book Al-Hikam written by Ibn ‘Ata'illah As-Sakandari is a good book? Did any of the scholars recommend it? .. More

  • Khawaarij are not extinct Date: 9-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Did the Khawaarij (Kharijites)become extinct after the Battle of Nahrawan, or do they still exist today? .. More

  • Refuting the Murji'ah regarding the components of faith Date: 2-6-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am confused about Eemaan (faith). I heard that it is made up of the statement of the heart, action of the heart, statement of the tounge, and action of the limbs. However, I hear people (students of knowledge) saying that if you lose everything apart from the statement of the heart, you are still a Muslim, just a bad one. I am confused.. More

  • Imaam Ahmad’s statement that the Khaawarij are the Murji’ah Date: 9-1-2016

    Dear Shaykh, is the following saying of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, may Allaah have mercy with him, true? “Verily, the Khawaarij, they are the Murji’ah.”How could this be possible? Are the Khawaarij and the Murji'ah two different sects? What did Imam Ahmed intend with these word's? May Allaah reward you Shaykh. .. More

  • The majority of jurists do not hold Khawaarij to be disbelievers Date: 16-2-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum, I am confused about something I have heard. On your website it says that the Khawarij are not disbelievers. Somebody told me that they are and that the first person to be classed as from the Khawarij was a man who said to Rasulullah (salla Allahu 3laihi wa salam): 'This is not justice' about a decision that rasulullah (salla Allahu.. More

  • About the Qaadiriyyah, or Hari Pagri, sect Date: 10-9-2014

    Who are Qadri's? And Hari Pagri? what are there believe? .. More

  • Ruling on following the Barelvi sect Date: 24-8-2014

    Aslamualakaum I heard someone say that someone he was talking to done a dua to Allah to guide him to the right group, and the person ended up becoming a brelvwi. Im a bit confuused, becuase i thought brewvlis do a lot of biddah and kufr. Could it be maybe he wasnt sincere or maybe Allah may guide him later. .. More