970 fatwas

  • Giving Farewell Gift To Alcohol Drinker Date: 15-1-2002

    We were helping one low-paid office boy in our office every month with some money. But suddenly we discovered occasionally he drinks alcohol. So we decided we have to stop helping as per Hadith/order of Allah. At present we found that he has to leave the company as their contract expired. Is it permissible to give him money as farewell as per Hadith/.. More

  • Criticism of polygyny Date: 15-1-2002

    I have read your defense of having multiple wives. You say it is good because some women would not have husbands otherwise. If there were more men than women would you say the women should have multiple husbands? I think not. Many of your quotes only point to the base desires of the human flesh. Where is the purity God desires for us? In the beginning.. More

  • Source of Sufism Date: 9-1-2002

    I am from Ahlu al-Sunnah wal Jamaah, al-Hamdulillah, wa li'llaahi al-hamd. As I have been taught and educated (about Islam) that in my belief there is no Sufism in true Islam. I have read that Sufism was brought and introduced to Muslim Countries by some deviating Muslims who were highly influenced and affected by Indian mysticism. Sufi terminology.. More

  • Da'wah with servant Date: 8-1-2002

    My servant is Christian and I want to help her to enter Islam? When I talk with her about Islam, she asks me give her something to make her trust me... More

  • Bahai Faith Date: 15-12-2001

    1-What is bahai faith? Are they Muslims?2-I am a Muslim. Can I marry a woman of bahai faith? .. More

  • Required rituals after declaring Shahadah Date: 23-10-2001

    Is a person a Kafir if he doesn't offer a two Rakah prayer after having a bath although he believes in all articles of faith Islam when he became Muslim? If a person becomes Muslim but didn't know he needs to offer a bath (Ghusl) and a two Rakah prayer and its been a very long time, does all the good deeds he has done be rejected by Allah because when.. More

  • Duties of college Islam Society Emir Date: 14-10-2001

    I have recently been elected as Emir of our college Islamic Society. I have heard a lot of different opinions to what the role Emir is and I'm not totally sure of what my role includes. So I was hoping (Insha Allah) that someone can give me an accurate answer to what my duties are? Please use Qur'an and Sunnah, if possible... More

  • Will Allah Accept a Christian Under Certain Conditions Date: 2-10-2001

    What is the fate of a Christian that believe God is one, has no son and Jesus is not God and that Muhammad and Jesus are Prophets and still remains a Christian and does not take Islam as a religion? Will God accept him? .. More

  • Nation of Islam Date: 29-9-2001

    I want to know that if there is any scholar that has said anything about the Nation of Islam, the black Muslim movement. Please can you give a quote of the big scholars. .. More

  • Making Pledge to Shaykhs, etc. Date: 26-9-2001

    Can we make any pledge (Bayath) to any Sheiks or Walis? .. More

  • Muslim girl with Christian friends wants to read Bible Date: 25-9-2001

    I'm a Muslim girl and I'm now in USA and I have Christian friends. I want to know more about their religion so I bought a bible and I want to ask you if it is ok if i read it! I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks... More

  • Following madhhabs Date: 20-9-2001

    Can we follow all madhhabs (Fiqh schools of thought) at the same time?.. More

  • Following a Madhab Date: 20-9-2001

    Is it must for a Muslim to follow any one of four "Madhab Imam"? How many "Madhab" Imams are there in total?.. More

  • Da'wah with Tableegh Jamaat Date: 17-9-2001

    Is it permissible to go in Tableegh Jamaat for Da'wah work? Are these people on right path? Please guide me... More

  • Forgiveness of sin for the new Muslim Date: 9-9-2001

    Can I say to someone who converted to Islam, "Allaah will forgive your sins since you became a Muslim", without saying Inshaa' Allaah. Or do I say Inshaa' Allaah, Allaah will forgive you?.. More