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  • Praying Qunoot During Hard Times Date: 1-8-2022

    In the hanbali madhab we are supposed to pray qunut during Fajr and other prayers if there's a time of nawazil. If I understood correctly. What is and isn't nawazil? .. More

  • Reciting the Qunoot Supplication in Witr Daily Date: 22-11-2021

    I have two things I would like to ask: Firstly, is it wrong to recite the dua qunoot daily in witr or to make it long? and Secondly, there is a hadith which says there are 3 people whom Allah has promised help and one of them is the one who marries to keep himself chaste but does this also apply to the one who intends to do so in order to keep himself.. More

  • Qunoot supplication with singular or plural pronoun Date: 3-1-2018

    I read your fatwa No. 236215, where you said: If you are leading the prayer as an imam, then you should use the plural pronoun in the Qunoot supplication because you supplicate for yourself and for the congregation. The Fiqh Encyclopedia reads, "If the praying person is an imam, it is desirable not to supplicate for himself only; rather, he should.. More

  • Missing Qunoot in Witr prayer Date: 22-6-2017

    After completing the Witr prayer, I remembered that I did not read the Qunoot supplication. Do I need to repeat it? Also, before ending the prayer with the Tasleem once, I was in doubt as to whether I read the Qunoot supplication or not, so I stood up and repeated that unit of prayer. Was that correct of me? My final question is whether the Witr prayer.. More

  • Making mistake in Qunoot supplication Date: 13-10-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I recited the Qunoot supplication wrongly in the Witr prayter; I missed one word, then I started it anew but still recited it wrongly. Is my Witr valid, or should I pray it again? Also, does the invalidity of previous prayers affect the validity of other prayers? .. More

  • Making non-Arabic supplications in prayer Date: 23-3-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. With regards to the night prayer in Hanafi fiqh: A. What is the method of making supplication during prayer? In which position? Can one also supplicate in his own language? Please elaborate. B. Does the night prayer time end when the true dawn occurs or when the azan for the Fajr is called? May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • The Imaam does not make Qunoot but waits until the worshippers make it on their own Date: 23-8-2015

    What is the ruling on an Imaam who waits for some time after rising from bowing in the second rak‘ah (unit of prayer) of the Fajr prayer in order for the worshippers praying behind him, who follow the Shafi‘i school of Fiqh, to make Qunoot. The Imaam does so because he does not follow the opinion that adopts the validity of making Qunoot in the.. More

  • Saying 'Guide us' instead of 'Guide me' in Qunut supplication Date: 17-2-2014

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. Respected Shaykh, Can I recite Qunut al witr in plural subjects? for example,In place of "Allahummahdeenii Fii man hadaita wa a'finii fii man a'faiit --------", Can I say in "Allahummahdeena Fii man hadaita wa a'fina fii man a'faiit ---------" like this in Qunut? .. More

  • Following the Imaam in Qunoot supplication in Fajr Prayer Date: 19-11-2009

    Assalam’alaikum, I always performed congregation fajr prayers at a mosque in our local neighbourhood. As the imam is from Shafe’i Mazhab, he would always raised his hands and recited the qunut duas. Since my understanding that there is no qunut in fajr prayers, I would remained still without raising my hand when the imam was reciting the qunut. One.. More

  • Raising hands in Qunoot during Witr prayer Date: 13-5-2009

    Ibn Qudaamah in his Al-Kaafi fi fiqh Al-Imaam Ahmad states regarding Qunut in Witr, “And when the Imam performs Qunut, the one behind him says Aameen. If he does not hear the Qunut of the Imaam, then he is to make du’aa, and there is textual proof (nass) for that. And [one] raises his hands in the Qunut to the level of his chest, due to Ibn Mas’ood.. More

  • Reciting the chapter Al-Ikhlaas three times instead of supplicating in Qunoot Date: 2-12-2008

    Assalamlekum How many totally raka in ISHA? How witr namaz was performed by our prophet mohammad(pbuh)?Can we read 'khulallahu ahad' 3 times instead of Dua-e-khunoot?If we miss namaz with jamaath how we perform the missed rakaths?tell me with example in detail regarding this missing rakath?Thank u.. More

  • Performing the Qunoot supplication during the Friday prayer Date: 11-11-2007

    Assalamualaikum I have one question and I hope you can give me an answer soonest. In our country, it seems that lately they are supplicating doa qunot every Friday during the congregation Friday prayer. Is this bid'ah?.. More

  • Raising hands during Qunoot Date: 18-3-2007

    Assalam o alaikum wr wb, May Allah swt be pleased with you and All the Muslim Ummah. I have two questions to ask 1. Some people perform Qunoot prayer by raising hands and some do not.Which is Authentic way of the prophet S.AW.S. Should the Qunoot be prayed after Ruku or before the Ruku is performed. 2.Is the mimbar, i mean the steps in the masjid.. More

  • Reciting Qunoot in Fajr prayer Date: 26-5-2005

    Is it right that according to Madhab Shaafi'ee Du'aa Qunoot is recited in second Raka'h of Fajr prayer daily but it is recited in Witr prayer only from 15th of Ramadhaan up to ending night of Ramadhaan? Please give Fatwa according to Madhab Shaafi'ee. .. More

  • Recitation of the Qunoot Date: 25-4-2005

    I have a question regarding the recitation of Du'a Al-Qunoot. I heard that it is permissible to read any Du'a from the Qur'an if one does not know Du'a Al-Qunoot in 3rd Raka'h of Witr Salaat after Surah Al-Faatihah (source Islam Channel). Could you answer my question according to the Hanafi Madhab please? I do know Du'a Al-Qunoot by heart,.. More