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  • I'tikaaf is not a communal obligation Date: 2-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, Shaykhs. I had a query regarding I‘tikaaf (spiritual retreat in the mosque)during the last ten days of Ramadan. Our imam gave us hadiths about I‘tikaaf during the Friday sermon, and I want to know whether they are Saheeh (authentic)? One is as follows: "The Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi.. More

  • I‘tikaf of one who goes to work and goes home to bathe Date: 15-5-2017

    My husband wants to observe i‘tikaf (ritual seclusion in the mosque) in Ramadan, Allah Almighty, willing. He will observe it in a masjid near our house. Is it valid that he comes home after finishing work and takes a bath and then goes to the masjid and repeats this process throughout the period of i‘tikaf? He also comes home before he goes to work.. More

  • Is it permissible to intend observing i‘tikaaf for as long as the person is going to stay in the mosque, no matter how short? Date: 9-5-2016

    Is it permissible to make the intention for i‘tikaaf (spiritual retreat) in the mosque even before actually starting it and to express this by saying, “I intend to observe i‘tikaaf as long as I am staying in the mosque?” I heard the imam say this on some occasion. .. More

  • Appointing a leader on the group of people performing i‘tikaaf at the mosque Date: 8-5-2016

    Should there be a group leader during i‘tikaaf (spiritual retreat), in other words, to appoint someone as a supervisor for those who are observing i‘tikaaf at the mosque? .. More

  • One is allowed to talk to his family on the phone during i‘tikaaf Date: 5-5-2016

    Is it permissible for a Muslim who is observing i‘tikaaf (spiritual retreat) in the mosque during the last ten days of Ramadan to talk on the phone with his family to check upon them? He would only do this a few times throughout the entire period of his i’tikaaf. Also, he would talk to them in the washing area, not inside the mosque. .. More

  • Ruling on leaving for work while observing I`tikaaf in the mosque Date: 11-7-2014

    As-salamu alaykum, I would like to perform Itikaf on the last 10 days of the Ramadan. But I have office during the day time. Can I perform Itikaf only in the nights of last 10 days. Please also explain the ruling for performing Itikaf .. More

  • The minimum period of a valid i‘tikaaf (i.e. seclusion in the mosque) Date: 16-6-2014

    What is the minimum period necessary for a valid i‘tikaaf?.. More

  • “Khulwah” (seclusion) vs. “I‘tikaaf” - during Ramadan Date: 10-8-2009

    What is the difference between the “Khulwah” (seclusion) and “I‘tikaaf” ‎during Ramadhaan?.. More

  • Women performing I'tikaaf in their homes Date: 6-12-2006

    Assalamu alaikum. I'tikaaf in last ten days of Ramadhaan should be in mosques even for females. But what if there are no mosques nearby where women can perform I'tikaaf? 1. Can she do I'tikaaf at her normal prayer place in her home? Will she get same reward? Is there any evidence in Islam? 2. If she has menses how will she get reward of I'tikaaf.. More

  • Woman making I'tikaf during Ramadan Date: 5-12-2004

    May a woman have I'tikaaf in the Ramadan? I want stay a night with the permission of my husband in the Mosque in Ramadan. Is this allowed in Islam?.. More

  • Women doing I'tikaf at home Date: 5-12-2004

    Can women do I'tikaf at home? Is the reward the same for women praying Qiyam in the mosque as women doing Nawafil prayer in the house even if they are able to go to the mosque to do Qiyam which is long prayer? Also, can the Eid prayer, Jumu’a prayer, and Tarawih prayers be prayed at home? Is their reward the same? Third: as the Eid prayer, Jumu’a.. More

  • When did the Prophet perform I'tikaaf? Date: 18-9-2003

    It is said that Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) prayed only three Taraweeh prayers in the mosque. From fourth night onwards he prayed at home. If this is so then from where did he pray Taraweeh in the last 10 days of Ramadan, when Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) was performing I'tikaaf? .. More

  • I'tikaf other than during Ramadan Date: 14-4-2002

    What is the ruling on l'tikaf at the time other than Ramadan? Should it be done? A brother suggested doing l'tikaf for just the weekend and I could not find any Fatwa on this issue... More