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  • Abandoning Friday prayer without any sound reason Date: 21-3-2006

    What is the ruling on someone who deliberately abandons Friday prayer without any valid reason, and then prays Thuhr, is his prayer valid or not? .. More

  • The number of persons with which the Friday prayer can be held Date: 28-12-2005

    My question is regarding Fatwa 83782, if you don't mind can you give the proof of the Fatwa as my friend is not agreeing with this he says he is not finding anywhere that 3 members can offer Jum'ah. I will be grateful to you if you can help me with strong Dalil. May Allaah bless you with all the good things in the world and Hereafter, Aameen... More

  • Two Friday prayer in the same village Date: 14-8-2005

    My question is: what is the distant to have two Friday prayer in a Muslim village according to Islam. There is one mosque which has enough space for the village crowd. Despite this can have two Friday prayer? Can you explain this with proofs of Hadeeth? .. More

  • Performing Jumu'ah prayer in China Date: 8-8-2005

    I'm Ashabi. I was an Indian. Now I was in China hardly one month. I came here for to study MBBS. There are five Muslim students with me from India. And here were four more Muslims from other countries. They three were here at least 4 year. My confusion was about Jumu'ah. Here the Masjid was very far from our dormitory. At Friday we all went to.. More

  • His job on an oil rig conflicts with his religious duties Date: 28-6-2005

    I work in the oil field industry and can't perform the Jum'ah' prayer due to lack of number of Muslims on the rig. I also stay there sometimes for more than 1 month and therefore missing more than 3 Jum'ah prayers. Please advice me of what I should do in terms of the Shariah? .. More

  • Friday worship in the mosques Date: 21-12-2004

    When a Muslim goes to the Mosque on Friday to worship, what happens in that worship service? What I asking is: How long does the service last? What do people do and when? Do you sing songs? Does everyone worship together? Can different Mosques do different things in their worship?.. More

  • Missed three consecutive Friday prayers Date: 9-12-2004

    If Allaah has sealed my heart for not praying three consecutive Jumu'ah, will he forgive me if I do Du'a'? I want to by heart some parts of the Qur'an--will it be accepted? .. More

  • Rewards when arriving for Friday prayer Date: 27-10-2004

    I understand that it is preferable to go to the mosque even before Adhaan and it entails huge reward. But the narration says that the angels stop writing down after the Imaam rises on the pulpit and the Adhaan is given. This seems to suggest that there is no reward for persons who come after Adhaan and your answer to one of the previous.. More

  • Breaking one's Wudu and trying to make Friday prayer in Jumu'ah Date: 2-8-2004

    1. If one misses the Jumu'ah (Friday prayer) service due to passing of wind, can he go to another mosque to observe the prayer? 2. What is Islamic Fiqh? .. More

  • Problems with attending Jumu'a prayer early Date: 12-5-2004

    I live in a country where innovations are rampant. Among these innovations is reading the Qur’an loud in-group in the Masjid, after both Fajr and Maghrib and before Salat al-Jumu’a. The reading is so loud that it prevents me from making Salat or reading the Qur’an in the Masjid. I decided therefore not to go to the Jumu’a prayer early... More

  • Time for Salat-ul-Jumah (Friday Prayer) Date: 27-3-2004

    Canthe Salat-ul-Jumu’abe performedat the time of Salat-ul-Asr?My friend argues that the Jumu’a is for the gathering of the Ummah, so we can do it by that time when people will be free from their work. Replyfrom Qur’an or Sunnah... More

  • Problems Praying Jumu’ah with Their Imam Date: 8-6-2003

    I'm a young man living in Brazil. We have an Imam. But some of the people who pray with him want me to pray instead of him especially Jumu'ah prayer because of the Khutbah. But I pray in another mosque. So, can I lead them in Jumu'ah prayer after having prayed in another mosque and with another Imam? .. More

  • Friday prayer in a chapel Date: 5-10-2002

    Unfortunately the lunch break at my work place is brief. This make it difficult for us to attend the Friday prayer at the local mosque. We started saying prayers in the Chapel at our work, which is the cleanest and isolated place. Could you please guide us whether is it right to do that, if yes how many at least should be there to say Friday prayer? .. More

  • Praying Jumu'ah in Mosque with a Tomb Date: 14-8-2002

    My apologies for asking this question once again. It is because that I need a little more clarification. For your valuable answer concerning the performance of Salat in Masjid (s) with tombs inside. What should one do in the case of performing the obligatory Jumu'ah Prayers in a Masjid with a tomb? I work in a town that has only one Masjid which has.. More

  • Time of Jumu'ah Prayer Date: 21-7-2002

    I am living in Italy and for the prayer of the Friday I got to the mosque. I observed that they make 'al-Azan' before the schedule time of Al-Zuhr (16 minutes before). Consequently, the 'Khutbah' starts also before this schedule time. However, the Salah itself is done after the schedule time. When I asked for an explanation, the responsible of the.. More