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  • Unintentional Vomiting Whilst Fasting Date: 12-7-2018

    I was fasting in Ramadan. I was using tongue cleaner to clean my tongue. Suddenly little bit of vomit came out.And then I spit it out. I didn't swallow anything.Is my fasting is Valid? .. More

  • Ruling on acid reflux reaching mouth of fasting person Date: 15-5-2017

    Does acid reflux invalidate fasting? .. More

  • Vomit that invalidates fasting Date: 15-5-2017

    She was pregnant. Her first trimester was in Ramadan. She used to throw up. She gave birth and went through her postpartum bleeding. She wanted to make up for the days that she missed in Ramadan. Some people told her that she did not have to make up for those days particularly because she was breastfeeding the child. People also told her that she could.. More

  • Spit-up like vomit in terms of causing fast-breaking Date: 9-5-2016

    On the fifth day of Ramadan, I had a spit-up; it went out and then back in. Should I make up for that day later, after Ramadan? .. More

  • Ruling on a Fasting Person Inducing Vomiting To Relieve Himself Date: 26-5-2015

    I have a sister who was pregnant in Ramadan. She used to throw up during the daytime even though she was able not to do so, but she said that she would not feel relieved unless she threw up. She used to throw up when she woke up in the morning. This happened two years ago, and since then she has had two more pregnancies during which she used to do the.. More

  • Swallowing food belched into mouth invalidates one's fast Date: 24-7-2012

    I unintentionally belched during the day in Ramadhaan – after the Athaan of theFajr prayer after having drunk milk for Suhoor. The problem is that I felt some drops of milk at the end of my throat that came out with the belching and their taste reached my mouth. Then, I mistakenly swallowed my saliva before spitting. Does this invalidate fasting.. More

  • Validity of fasting after vomiting Date: 30-8-2009

    Someone vomited a little while performing Wudhoo' (ablution), when the Athaan (call to prayer) of Fajr was being pronounced; would his fasting during that day be valid?.. More

  • Vomited during Ramadan Date: 7-12-2004

    I am pregnant and I had nausea and vomiting more than 2-3 times per day in Ramadhaan when I am fasting, I lose more than 4 kg my weigh during last month, I would be please ask if I must be repeat all days I vomited on it I think all Ramadhaan, so what can I do? .. More