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  • No Harm in Spending the Interest on Poor and Needy Relatives and the Indebted amongst Them

    can I give the money that I earned from bank interest to my relative who has a burden of loan? .. More

  • Took Loan with High Interest When He Was Young

    Due to some financial difficulties at young age i had to take high mark up loan which i am paying and still some amount i have to pay further i thin k at current stage it seems to me the interest i am paying has eliminated barkat from my life however i am determined to pay this loan and get relief please tell me was it better decision to take loan with.. More

  • His Parents Deal in Riba

    assalamu haleikumwe live in a western country where there's a lot of riba and nowadays my parents dont even care about it,my dad just bought somethi with riba,and i told my mom and she said we don't have money,there's no way i can stop them from committing riba, .. More

  • Dealing with interest-based banks with intention of empowering Muslims

    Assalaamu alaykum. I live in a secular country although about 60% of the population consists of Muslims. Interest is haram! The majority of our banks are interest based. If we, the Muslims, do not do busines (invest and conduct day-to-day business) with them, then the non-Muslims will control the economy, to our detriment, and likewise with the capital.. More

  • Answering a misconception about bank interests

    salamun alaykum.may Allah bless you.dear sheikh,please i want you to clear this misconception on interest paid by banks on savings account.1.that it is your share of the profit from transacting with your money 2.that it is similar to the incident of three people of cave narrated in hadith where one of them has his money with his employer and the latter.. More

  • Considering Riba as giving fees for using other people’s money

    AsalamoAlikum One of my friends asked me a question. He said that what is the difference between giving rent(fixed) on a property(e.g. Home) which is halal and giving a charge on using the money. In other words he was trying to justify giving interest on loans acquired from others. He meant that just like you pay rent to use someone's home(asset).. More

  • Governments taking loans with Ribaa

    assalam aliakum wa rehmatuallahi wa barakatahu The World Bank and similar organizations give developing countries loans to supposedly start off their economy. The country which accepts the loans has to return it with a certain amount of interest added. The government which takes the loan is supposed to distribute the money in various fields so as to.. More

  • Taking usurious loan to achieve lawful purposes

    Is there any good day to be scheduled for marriage? Or it is a sin to ask questions like this. How about the position of the head of the bed or the position of our head (example, to Qiblah, etc.). When sleeping anytime especially at nigh (its good and bad positions)? Is the money taken from loan (with interest from the bank) to be given as dory.. More

  • Taking a loan with interest to repay a loan with interest

    I am in need of taken out a loan to help my father. He has trouble with a loan he has taken out and paying a unbelievable amount of interest and is in trouble and worried that he will lose his house. If I take a loan out the interest I will be paying will be much less and the loan will be clear within 3 years. Whereas the loan my father has which.. More

  • Taking a loan with interest

    I bought a busfor work and it was financed by the seller (delayed payments). He charged me 9% which is too high, but I had to accept it because it is Halal.Now I have my house which I can use to borrow money from the bank and pay that bus owner in full and in this way I will save 4% of my interest which comes to $250 every month for the coming.. More

  • Taking a loan to buy a house to make hijrah to a Muslim land

    We live in a kafir country. We want to make hijra to the Islamic country, of my husband as soon as possible. We are afraid our kids will grow up in a kafir country and for all of us it is haram if we stay here. Previously I was married to another man and I had 3 kids. I am a Dutch Muslimah. Now my ex-husband is trying hard to take my kids away.. More

  • Taking a Riba loan or taking military contract to pay medical school costs

    I am a student in United Stated and am about to start medical school next semester, Insha Allah. I applied to many schools and was accepted by a private medical college. The medical school costs around $40,000 a year. My family and I cannot afford to pay this large sum every year for four years. To pay my tuition I have two options: 1) Take.. More

  • Why is Riba Haram?

    Why is Riba Haram? .. More

  • Why Riba is forbidden

    I want to know why "Riba" taking interest from bank is Haram. Please tell me the process of this; I need to know why... More

  • Interest rates charged by banks

    Why is the interest charged by banks Haram if we consider that the yearly inflation rate in USA is almost 3%, and the checking account interest is 2% that means the money is losing value and there is no real gain (Riba)? So why is this interest Haram? Please use your judgment and don't just say it is Haram... More