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  • Buying and Saving Gold Coins Is Not Forbidden If Zakaah Is Paid on Them

    Assal?m alaykum warahmatullahi wabarak?tuh Beloved Shaykh I'd like to be adviced about investing in gold coins is it permissible to buy the coins and hedge them against the currency when the price goes up then i sell them to the coin shops ?My second question about this type of investment can you please clarify for me does this fall under hoarding or.. More

  • Exchanging diamond and gold jewelry

    Assalam o Alaykum, I have a question regarding the exchange of diamond jewelry. I bought diamond jewelry 1 week ago and the stire has a policy that I can exchange it for another diamond jewelry of equal value within 2 weeks. My question is, since the diamond jewelry is on gold and I intend to exchange it with something that has more gold and less.. More

  • Ruling on trading with gold

    is it haram to purchase gold and sale when the price increases?.. More

  • Selling gold at a lower price than its market value

    my wife want to sell a gold chain i gifted to her before we go on holiday so that i can give my mum some money before we go. the money shop that we are selling at is offering to pay as much less than the value of the gold as they are offering 180 pound and the market value if you buy new is 300 pounds is it permissable to sell to them.. More

  • Dealing with numismatic gold company

    I heard about a company that sells numismatic gold (of limited edition) through Internet and delivers it by mail. This company awards you 10-percentage commission for each customer you convince to buy a product from this company. I want to know if this concept is Halal?.. More

  • Exchanging Old Gold Items for New Ones and Adding Cash for the Difference

    I heard from the Abu Dhabi Islamic radio programme the following: It is haram to exchange your gold belongings for a new gold item with adding some difference in money. The correct way is to sell your gold belongings, get the money and then buy a new gold item. And there should not be any indirect agreement between the seller and shopman that you'll.. More