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  • Interest is strictly forbidden

    My father died 11 years ago. My mum deposited 5 thousand pounds in the bank (as Shadat istismar) after his death. And now, I am 21 years, so it's the age to get it.My Question is this amount of money 26 thousand now considered as interest or not because of the circumstances, or the 5 thousands only are Halal ? .. More

  • Controversy regarding investment cards

    I asked your website about the interest rate from 'Shehadaat Istithmar' from the Ahly bank in Egypt and you said that this interest rate is definitely Haram. However, other scholars from the Azhar such as Dr. Mohammed Tantawy and Dr. Abla El Kahlawy said that they are Halal. This is very confusing. My children and I have decided not to touch the interest.. More

  • Interest from Certificate of Investment

    Is the interest taken from certificate of investment Halal or Haram? .. More

  • Purchasing and selling investment certificates

    In Pakistan there are banks named as Islamic bank they offer to buy certificates from us for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months and they say they invest in business; after that said period they show profit/loss. From the profit they keep some percentageof it, is this proper according to Islam or no? please give fatwa... More