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  • CFD and Stock Exchange Trading

    Asalamu'alaikum,Dear Brother,I have a question regarding online some online trading I have been doing. I have an account with "212 Trading". I have been doing CFD trading with gold, where I use analysis of the market, to decide whether or not to buy or sell. If for example, the price of gold is $1300, and I believe the price is going up, I can buy at.. More

  • Binary Options Contracts

    Assalamu alaikum.. I am Ameer. I read the the fatwa No.237190. I am trading binary options from IQ options. I have contacted their customer support to ask whether the binary options (1 min trading) involves interest or any commissions, and they said there is no stuff like that involves with binary option (1 min trading) and specially with islamic account..I.. More

  • Buying shares in new company through lottery process

    Assalaamu alaykum. In Bangladesh, when a new company comes into the stock market, it is entered by IPO. This process is a lottery system. Here, however, if you do not win the lottery, they give your money back. Nevertheless, their system is a lottery process. And if you win the lottery, they always give you more then original amount. So my question.. More

  • Buying shares and selling them on same day

    I trade in the stock market. I follow the sharia rules in choosing companies while buying stocks. I have read on your website or somewhere else that buying and selling in the same day (intraday trading) is similar to gambling and is thus prohibited as there is a common fact that one cannot sell what he does not possess. The exchange delivers the stocks.. More

  • Investing one's money in primary shares in the name of different people

    1) I have some investment in a share market. The present capital is worth tK. 1.5 Million (approx). I do not buy bank, leasing, or insurance companyshares, but I once did apply on primary shares (initial public offering) of a bank, insurance & leasing company. I do not know whether any amount derived from selling such shares has been included with.. More

  • Questions relevant to stock companies that do not adhere to Sharee'ah

    Some acquaintances of mine wished to invest in the stock market, so they bought stock exchange shares through a large company in the field of bill brokerage. However, some days ago they started to think about the validity of their act under Sharee'ah. They were not aware of the fact that such a company deals in securities of all companies, whether their.. More

  • Ruling on investing in IPO shares in the stock market

    I want to know about investing IPO share in stock market according to Islamic Law. Please let me know Halaal or Haraam about investing IPO share. .. More

  • Conditions for dealing in stock market

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Recently, i have taken interest investing in the stock market. My activities range from long term investments, to short term day-trading (buy/sell same day) and my decisions are purely based on technical analysis using graphs to calculate share price movement and an in depth research into the company business.. More

  • Apparent lawfulness of a company sufficient to permit investing in it

    AsSalam o Alakum Sir I asked a Q some days back, regarding Investment (Q.No.2385490). My Q was clubbed with another Q and replied (Fatwa No.81504), & my point was missed. My Question was: Many businesses are “APARENTLY” HALAL such as: -Agriculture manufacturing industry, -Electronic Equipment manufacturing industry (Medical and Engineering Equipment).. More

  • Investing in futures contract in commodity market

    i want to aksed can investment in futures contract in commodity market is halal or not. like suppose if i buy 10 barrels of oil in commodity market at $105 on 5 march 2011 and the contract will be expire on 5 april 2011 at which the settlement would be made, if on 5 april 2011 the price closes on $110 , my account will be credited with the surplus.. More

  • Sharee‘ah-approved conditions of dealing in the stock market

    What is the Sharee‘ah (Islamic law) ruling on some Islamic banks' dealings in the international stock markets?.. More

  • He borrowed a lot of money and lost it in the stock market

    Assalamalaikum, One of the muslim brother is loosing all his money by doing share market- in halaal shares, he took 10 lakhs from friend and invested and lost 5 lakhs from shares and still not listening to close the account and continuing the same, even though after loosing so much money, and now to repay he has to sell his property to repay. please.. More

  • Making investment in Gold ETF

    Assalamalaikum wa rahmatullah I would like to know whether making investment in GOLD ETF is permissible it function like this it’s a mutual fund where the fund manager buys gold in units 1 unit=1gram of gold and keeps that gold with their custodian bank now a person can invest how much he wishes.. More

  • Buying and selling shares on the same day

    salam if i trade in stock market shares that are halal companies 1. if i buy shares in morning and analyse or on news, sell on profit/loss on that day or someother day, will it be halal?some say it takes time for one's share to be part of the company so it can be wrong.please help guiding me. 2. if the company's main act is halal e.g textile spinning,.. More

  • Bought shares of a company which deals with Riba

    I have invested 1 lakhs riyal in one of the company in stock market in GCC. After I invested in that company, company borrowed money from interest based banks and other vendors based on interest. Now most of the companies income is coming from bank interest. Now I sold those shares with great amount of losses. Now I need to give this money (the.. More