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  • Selling items online using doubtful bidding

    Asalam-u-Alaikum I would like to know about a business is it according to Sharia or not. We will sale items online using bidding. For example we will start selling $500 laptop from dollar $1. Now people will come and start bidding for laptop on each bid we will charge $0.65 after which price of laptop will be $1.01. Now again if some one bid we.. More

  • Internet auction sales

    dear sir,assalam o alaikum on internet there is a site where one can buy things relatively cheap by a sort of bidding. it works like this: first , one buys some bidding tocken , each costing about 50 cents, and then on a selected item he starts bidding.initial item prices are very cheap, and each bid is only one or two cent increase over the initial.. More

  • Buying from an auction

    Does Islam forbid buying from auctions? Suppose someone is indebted to another and not able to repay, and runs away to another land, his property is auctioned to recover the debt, if I buy from that auction have I committed a sin?.. More

  • Auctioning celebrities' belongings for charity

    My colleagues at work have been talking about an issue that I said is mixing right (Haqq) with false (Batil) while they believe that it's good deeds and charity. The other day there was an auction on the TV selling an actress' clothes who died for money and dedicated that money for a hospital of children cancer patients. I would like to know about.. More