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  • The ruling on clicking 'accept' on terms or something similar to them

    Assalamualaikum, I’m wondering what is the ruling on clicking “accept” or something similar to the terms .. More

  • Wants to Violate and Pirate Shows of a Slow Service

    Regarding the issue of piracy, recently I have subsribed to a service offering some shows legally, however the service itself is slower than pirate sites, uses more internet, and is not optimal, would it be permitted for me to pirate the same shows that this service provides as long as I'm paying for the service itself. .. More

  • Touching a Mobile Phone that has a Quran Application

    I’ve read online and to my understanding, one doesn’t need to perform Wudu to use a phone with a Qur’an application on its screen. Is this correct? What about if the screen has a visible impurity on it, like blood, or one transferred impurity through wetness to the screen, is having the application open permissible if this isn’t done in a disrespectfu.. More

  • Used Contents from Different Websites to Sell Cookbooks

    I used contents from different websites to sell cookbooks on the ground that recipes can not be copyrighted. I got to know what I'm doing is bad after seeing the Islamic ruling because I don't give credits on the content used.I've repented from it and the books in question will be corrected.Is it a must I give what I earned out knowing it may be difficult.. More

  • Working as an Intellectual Property Lawyer or Patent Lawyer

    Asalamualaikum, I have a question regarding being a lawyer. Is it permisabble to be an IP lawyer or patent lawyer. Would it be permissible to protect the trademark of a company that sells haram items. Jazakallah. .. More

  • Asking for Money to Make An Open Source Software Program

    What is the ruling on making an open source(term used in technology world) product(software/hardware), but the money for the development of the product is from asking donations from peoples.Because its open source, people can benefit from it(the product) freely with some rules(if there is), so is this kind of asking included in prohibited asking?. .. More

  • Posting Videos that Might Be Pirated

    I'm not sure if this question exists here but is it allowed to stream content that is provided by a third party? Meaning the third party only seems to show the video that might have been downloaded illegally or maybe this is considered supporting the sin .. More

  • Broadcasting and Proprietary Rights are Reserved

    Assalamalikum Warah matullahi Wabarakatuh Brother, I have a smart TV box that is connected through Wifi basically you can say it is a cable TV channel that I've paid a single amount for a year. After work, I usually want to watch sports, documentaries Indian news and live Adhaan but I just came to know that the cable guy has given me the service which.. More

  • Impermissible to Use Someone's Place without Permission

    Do i need permission to sell something in a place that is owned by someone (either public or private place) even though i dont see/know any rule in that place that prohibites someone doing transactions there?. .. More

  • No Harm in Downloading a Book for Personal Use

    Salam Alaikum,I love reading. I used to read fantasy literature but i am trying to let that go. Thing is i said to Allah after last book purchases i will not spend money on entertainment books again. Now, i also like history and i have found books online.The book is falcon of Quresh. I am worried about copyrights. The author is dead.Can i download this.. More

  • Downloading a Book from Internet After Borrowing it From the Library

    I have a hard copy of academic book which i obtained from library . Can i download the same freely from internet for ease of reading and carrying only for a period of time when i can take book from library ? When i cannot take any books from library , i will delete. them . Will i be sinful in anyway circumstance? .. More

  • Copying Copyrighted Materials and Abiding by the Law

    Assalamu'alaykum. It is said that we must obey the law of the country if it doesn't go against the Sharia. Then am I sinning if I do something against the law but is lawful in Islamic perspective? Regarding this, we also know that some scholars think that having copied copyrighted material for personal use is allowed. But the fact is, almost every country.. More

  • Changing Copyrighted Bookmark Designs and Reselling Them

    Assalamu alaikom, I bought some designs for uncolored bookmarks that I am free to print any number of copies of and use personally, as long as i dont resell those printed copies for profit. However, if i color and decorate those copies, meaning that i would change those designs with my own effort and ideas, can I sell them and charge money for the effort.. More

  • Used Copyrighted Materials and Stole Things in the Past

    Asalamu Aleikom! The category I am going to ask about has to do with Copyright. I have been using copyrighted content, pictures and material. Some for personal use and other in public such as profile pictures and copying texts etc and posting it. Some of it was hadiths and content from muslim apps and websites but some of it was non islamic . All of.. More

  • Buying Cracked Courses With Copyrights

    Salam AlaykoumI want to ask you please what the ruling of Islam for someone who buy cracked courses online. These courses are so expensive sometimes and of course protected by copyrights by their owners.But there is a website who crack them and sell them. I know selling cracked or pirated courses including videos,PDFs,eBooks or whatever is Haram and.. More