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  • Misusing Company’s Money

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullah please I'm confused about something that is bothering me I work with a real estate and construction company so I was at work and the architect in charge bought 8 bags of cement and told the boss he bought 10 bags and collected the money so he paid for 8 and held on to the change and gave me some of it am I sinful for collecting.. More

  • Paying Back Stolen Items

    If I stole something from someone and told them about it and they forgave me for it and told me I do not have to repay them, do I still have to return something of equal value to them (if I no longer have the exact item stolen) ? .. More

  • The Part Of Salary That Is Equivalent To The Negligence Time Is Haram

    Salamu aleykum. Does not doing 100% at work or often being lazy or not knowing every area that you're required to know at work make your income haram? I know someone who graduated from pharmacy school and she worked for more than one year and did have time to look things up but she's worried that her lack of energy might have made her money unjustly.. More

  • Invested with Halal and Stolen Funds from Work: What To Do Now

    What should I do now? I invested with both halal and some stolen funds form where I work before, but I sincerely Repent .. More

  • Can Heirs Avail of Ill-gotten Money

    Assalamualikum, the wealth acquired through prostitution, selling of intoxicants is haram. With regards to this wealth I have a few questions. Is this wealth inheritable? If the owner of this wealth decides to give this wealth to someone, so can he/she keep it? If a trader knows all his wealth comes from the said means, so can the trader sell him goods... More

  • Living in a House Purchased With Ill-Gotten Money

    Assalamu alaykum my father buyed our house with ill gotten wealth but he not all of it. He mixed halal money with this ill gotten money and buyed this house so does this still Make it haram for us.the ill gotten money amount was less or equal. Please reply soon jazakallah khairan .. More

  • Benefiting from prohibited Earnings

    Assalam-Aleykoom, I'm currently working at QNB (a non-islamic bank) and I found a way to switch away from working there. The job I am planning to switch to is inshalla halal, but the problem is to start up this new work I need to buy equipment, but the money that will be spent on it will come from the money I made at QNB. I fear the money I made from.. More

  • Benefiting from Ill-gotten Earnings

    Sheikh my father earns in a treacherous way his income is totally haram to use but he buys everything from his income and I have nothing available to use so is it permissible for me to use those things he buyed with his income I have read that ill gotten wealth is totally haram and it must be returned to its rightful owner the house we live is also.. More

  • Earnings from working in interest-based bank

    Assalaamu alaykum. My fiancee is an employee in a bank. I really want to marry her for Allah's sake and find her a halal job. Now, once I marry her, what will be the judgment on the wealth that she has amassed from that job? Should she throw it away or not? .. More

  • Using stolen bike to go to work

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a question regarding doing business based on funding that is mixed from permissible and prohibited sources. I have several scenarios: - The first scenario is the following: if I have a bike which I got from someone who stole it. I know that this is wrong, but let us say that I still use the bike for work. Does this makes.. More

  • How to dispose of money if its rightful owner cannot be reached

    Hello, I used to be a crypto currency trader trading a currency known as bitcoin, to trade bitcoins you need to use an exchange market. The exchange market I used was called Mintpal. This exchange had problems and shut down because the owner took people's money and disappeared. Before the crash, they gave users a week to withdraw their bitcoins from.. More

  • How to dispose of interest from the bank

    As Salaamu AlaykumA group of Muslim brothers work for the State of California, several years ago the governor force public workers to take furlough (2 free days without pay). The employees Union sued the government and wan. A check was sent to the employes with the equivalent salary of the days they were force to take off without pay plus and additional.. More

  • Unlawful money must be disposed of

    In Fatwa No : 90152 u said that it is ok to keep haram money but only if u r poor. I am 17, living with my parent, got no job, and would be poor if I didn't have my parents and I also have haram money which is mixed with my halal money. Is it permissible for me to keep the haram money? .. More

  • Money received by mistake from welfare office

    A few years ago I received over £220 from the welfare office on unemployment benefit. Every 2 weeks I get £110 but on that week I got an extra £100. The jobcentre at the time sent me a letter asking for it to be paid back, I said I would but did not do it now I am not sure if they took money out of my account or not. In Britain it.. More

  • Earnings from an unlawful business after repentance

    Assalamu Aleikum I have a question regarding a business that I was running which I quit after someone pointed out that might not be permissible and because me having doubts of it being haram I stopped everything, and refunded all orders I could refund made the last couple of days. I finished the orders that I couldn't refund. After that I closed down.. More