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  • Declaring bankruptcy to evade state-imposed taxes Date: 29-1-2014

    What is the ruling regarding bankruptcy to clear Government tax debt? .. More

  • Permissibility of working in customs depends on the permissibility of the customs themselves Date: 21-1-2014

    What is the ruling of working in customs in an Arab country that does not rule according to the Islamic Sharia? Is it considered a form of collecting tolls? What is the ruling of working in a medical department related to the customs administration?.. More

  • Employers, not employees, bear sin of evading lawful taxes Date: 19-8-2013

    I am based in South Africa and working for a company who imports household items from overseas especially china. We are into wholesale and retail trading, this business is dominated by Chinese, Pakistani, Indian and local Muslims & as well as Non Muslims for decades , who are into various malpractices, such as under invoicing (declaring less value.. More

  • His company makes a trick to reduce customs duty costs Date: 22-5-2013

    Assalamu Alaikum Sheikh.. I have some doubts to clear. You have helped me clarify my doubts so far. May Allah reward you for that. Now my question is regarding business. 1- I have started a logistics company. So i am recruiting two of my friends, one is a christian and one is a hindu. Both belongs to poor family, both of them having debt of around Qatar.. More

  • Ruling on helping companies avoid payment of tax, wholly or partially Date: 22-5-2013

    As salaam o alaikom. Thank you for answering my previous question. My father wants to start a business where he will have a govt. reg. co. and the purpose is to give bills to other companies which they can show in there accounts. The business will run in a manner that the companies give the amount of fake transaction and added tax (which is less if.. More

  • When it is permissible to evade taxes Date: 25-4-2013

    Assalamualaikum, Please answer as soon as possible as closing date is near. We are to pay tax, but if we show Rent Receipt we get some tax rebates. I donot own a house, I live in my fathers house. I give 80% of salary to him. Now to get the tax rebate, I made a LEGAL document which shows I am paying him rent and he gave me VALID receipts also with his.. More

  • Ruling on lying to reduce tax Date: 2-4-2013

    What would be the ruling if a client asks me to reduce the value of the goods in an invoice so as to lessen the taxes imposed on him since it is estimated according to the price mentioned in the invoice? Meaning that the price stated in the invoice is less than the real one. Is this considered a form of cheating? .. More

  • Paying taxes and customs from usurious interests Date: 1-4-2013

    I want to ask you about the many taxes, insurance money and customs which Allaah The Almighty Did not Prescribe. Is it permissible to pay them from the usurious money earned from bank interests in order to be able to perform the obligation of Zakaah that costs me a lot of money? .. More

  • Ruling on evading customs duty Date: 26-5-2011

    Salaam Alaykum Wa Rahmathullah Wa Barakathuhu I would like to know the Islamic ruling on this. My Father is involved in a business which involves transporting goods from one country to another. It is used by families abroad to send household items to their families back home. In the customs clearance, the goods are cleared as goods of a single person.. More

  • The economic impact of evading paying unjust taxes Date: 2-12-2009

    I read from previous fatwas that it is permissible to avoid paying taxes if the tax money is NOT used in proper channel(ie. building hospitals and paving road). But in a country if everyone stops paying taxes, I believe it will definetly will make a negative economic impact on the county, with regards to this scenario, are we obliged to pay taxes?.. More

  • Interest on unfairly withheld taxes Date: 19-5-2009

    As-salaamu 'alaykum. The Government is returning some of the taxes they withheld from a lot of workers over several years. They agreed that withholding the taxes from our salaries was unfair. However, they want to repay the taxes with what they call interest. Am I wrong in thinking that the interest the Government is paying us along with our previously.. More

  • Paying taxes from bank interests Date: 10-12-2006

    salam alaykom,my Q is about the taxes on the bank interests,in the US the governement imposes like 25% minimum (sometimes 27%)on your whole money including the bank interests. u know that we r forced to take the minimum of interests here that we later give away. So let's say i have in the bank 1000$ and the interests are 10$ on september 30.Later on,.. More

  • Using Zakat receipts for tax returns Date: 26-2-2006

    Can we use the receipt of Zakaat for tax returns (Tax return is 'Document giving the tax collector information about the taxpayer's tax liability; "his gross income was enough that he had to file a tax return"). If yes, as it is the money given in charity we get back some amount can we use this amount for our self or do we have to give it back in charity.. More

  • Using untrue receipts to avoid taxes Date: 20-2-2006

    Can you tell whether the following transaction is permissible? There is an agency which donates several items including foodstuff to the poor and needy. For instance if the market value of a cookie pack is $5 but this agency buys it for only $1. If I give them $100 they buy 100 cookie packs and give me a receipt of $500 (as market value of 100 packs.. More

  • Government deductions from salaries Date: 31-8-2005

    Work in a company dealing in petroleum, the company collects P.A.Y.E from its employees and remits to the government up to 30% of employees' salary. Is it acceptable in Shariah for the company to deduct such much from the employees to be remitted to the government monthly? .. More