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  • Ruling on implementing taxes

    I always hear about the zakat tax which is ordained by Allah while other taxations are haram except for the Jizya, but if the zakat is only 2.5 percent annually, how will it be enough for the expenditures of a government or the welfare of people, historically it has not been enough as people had to implement more taxes, so how would a government get.. More

  • Kinds of taxes

    I am currently working 10 hours per week and I want to increase this to 15 InshAllah. I and my employer have an agreement to keep these 5 additional hours secret and he would pay me in cash to avoid taxes. Is this allowed and can you consume the wealth of someone who does so? .. More

  • Working for a Government Agency whose Wages are Paid from Taxes

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته I live in the United States, and my question is regarding working for a government agency (not involved in the military). The reason I ask is because I've read that taxes imposed by the state are impermissible in many cases, and so by extension, would working for a government agency as a civil.. More

  • Working as a Tax Adviser for Someone whose Income is Haram or Mixed

    salam. can i work as a tax adviser for someone whose income is haram or mixed (contains both halal and haram)? this work involves advising them and helping them reduce their taxes. i read in your fatwas that its halal to escape taxes when government impose them unjustly. .. More

  • Claiming Tax Return When the Income Is Mixed Between Lawful and Unlawful

    I was asked to clarify this question in a new question so inshaAllah this is more understandable.In my country, they pay back some tax money once a year based on your income I believe. Some people get paid a certain amount and others have to pay a certain amount. We call this "Tax return". If suppose that the income that the tax return was based on.. More

  • Work in a Government that Imposes Taxes

    Alhamdulillah. Assalamu alaykum. We know that imposing tax on muslim population in a continuous manner is not allowed in islam. But the secular governments in the muslim lands do so. My question is, is it good to do any job under such government and take salary from the government as the main source of the government is tax? will it be a matter of takwa.. More

  • Lying To Evade Paying V.A.T

    salam. pls reply early. is it allowed to lie and understate sales to avoid paying vat? vat is not like other taxes. the government requires businesses to collect a certain percentage of the sales price of the goods from customers. this raises the price of the good and the business falls behind in competition as he cannot raise his profit by going beyond.. More

  • Giving Taxes in a Non-Muslim Country

    I am from India and willing to start a business, I want to know about the giving taxes in a non muslim country where the government also uses it to construct temples, wastes it on extravagance, corruption, idle leisure and other haraam things. Variety of Taxes are imposed such as goods and service tax(0-28% on invoice value), income tax up to 25% on.. More

  • Working As a Tax Advisor

    salam. i want to be a tax adviser. if i lighten/minimize government imposed haram tax using trickery,concealment,etc or if i minimize halal tax in a legal manner, can i charge my client (for whom i minimized tax) a percentage of the amount i have reduced? for example, if i reduce 1,00,000 tk, i charge the client 25%? .. More

  • Working as a Tax Consultant

    salam. can i work as a tax consultant for people who have haram/mixed income? if so, shall i reduce their tax if the tax is of prohibited type? .. More

  • Sources of income of Muslim state

    Islam is against taxation systems, as it says in, then what are the sources of income of the government of an Islamic country? .. More

  • Avoiding paying taxes on bank deposits

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have some money which I kept in a Islamic Bank. The Bank gives me profits. Here, I do not find any service from the government, but the government taxes it. Am I bound to pay it? Of course, if I do not want to pay it, then I am to submit a statement concealing my income or showing the income on someone - who is actually not owner.. More

  • Violating the trade laws of a non-Muslim country

    Assalamu Alaikum W.W Dear Brothers in Islam I, I need fatwas following few questions. 1. Is it halal to trade on things that are halal by nature, but made illegal by the government (Non Muslim Gvt ) such as certain type of logging of trees, fragrance etc? 2.Is it Halal to bribe custom officers to smuggle those type good as mention in Q1 to foreign countries.. More

  • Using black money in real estate transactions

    It is a norm in our city that builders/re sellers are asking to pay 15-20% white money and remaining 80-85% in black money to purchase a property. The reason is the municipality fixes rates of the area (which is the 15-20% white money) but due to high demand in area, builders/resellers sell the property at a very high profit margin (which they demand.. More

  • An employee managing to get a tax return for his company

    Assalamu Alaykum, My question is with regards to one of the employees who out of his own will tried to apply and get a tax return for our business and was successful. our firm tried to apply before but since we were late with the dead line our firm was refused. However this employee pulled some strings and family and managed for our firm to recieve.. More