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  • Tortured by Her Husband and In-Laws and Wants Divorce

    Assalamualikum.I am from india.since the day of my marriage my in-laws satarted torturing me.they always abuse me without any fault.then my husband also started torturing me.i have tolerated so much both mentally and physically for 1 year.i got married on 10october 2015 and came to my parents home on 7october husband never realised his mistakes.after.. More

  • Their Father Mistreated and Abandoned Them

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuhu...My father left my mother with my 2 siters (2yrs old,1 yr old) and when she was carrying me(2 months pregnant)....There was not any contact between them for 26 years...nor he provided us with anything throughout our life....he never met us or my mother...even many times my mom and her family tried to.. More

  • Severely Harmed and Falsely Accused By Her In-Laws

    I been falsely accused two times from my in laws I been crying day in night my husband doesn’t believe me either I been oppressed by my in laws since I got married but I had wanted to be on good terms they would hurt me with words and I would stay silent because I don’t want to oppress anyone but sheikh last time they accused me of teaching my husband.. More

  • She Is Mistreated By Her Parents and Family

    Salaam, I’m a sixteen years old girl and I’m seeking help regarding my family. Growing up, my brother and mother have beaten me for using social media or for minor mistakes. This has caused me to have depression. My father had left the house three times throughout my childhood, further increasing my depression as well as my mother constantly making.. More

  • The punishment for 'domestic violence' in Islam

    Aslamu Alaikum, thank you for looking at my question. Does the Sharia stipulate a punishment for domestic violence? E.g. if a husband reguarly hits his wife, does the sharia punish him in anyway, or is it that separation/divorce occurs, so that this would protect the woman from him? Jazakallah. .. More

  • A brother beats his sister and abuses her and no one stops him

    If a sister is being beaten and physically abused by her brother and no one in the family or society does anything to stop it and she cannot approach the local police, authorities or scholars, what should she do? Fight back and get beaten more or try to remain patient and what would help her keep her sanity? .. More

  • How children deal with domestic violence

    Assalaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. What the children are allowed to do in the case of domestic violence? For example if the father would have a habit of beating his children (for no reason) so hard that sometimes he breaks their bones or makes them bleed? Are the children allowed to take the case to the authorities? Or move to live somewhere.. More

  • A wife leaving her house to escape her husband’s abuse

    Aslaam o Allaikum Sheikh, let me describe the situation first. One husband is very abusive, he alway torures his wife physically & mentally (beating wife very severly that even sometimes the wife gets bone fractures) and very often he didn't give his wife anything to eat for days. this is the matter from last 15 years. Now the wife has decided.. More