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  • Father Tries to Seduce His Daughter

    I'm a 19-year-old girl whose father has sexual feelings towards her. My father tried to seduce me before and even though I confronted him about it, he still does it. My mom is sensing something but I don't think she can do anything about it since we rely financially on our father. I still talk to him normally though, since I know I have to respect him.. More

  • Intercourse with Non-Mahram Women Is Forbidden

    I read in the medicine of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam), by $Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya$$. That sexual intercourse is allowed with a foreign woman under conditions. What is the authenticity of this? .. More

  • Dangers of Zina

    A non-Muslim friend asked me how is it possible, in recent life, to avoid having relations with a girl before the marriage as long as there are many means to avoid pregnancy or diseases? I want to convince him the dangers of Zina. .. More

  • Committing Fornication during the Day in Ramadan

    I want to know the Islamic ruling for the Muslim who committed fornication during the day of Ramadan. And what to do? .. More

  • Why Zina is prohibited

    Why is it wrong to have sex outside marriage?.. More

  • Her Brother Lived with Christian Lady and Now Wants to Marry a Muslim

    I am a Muslim lady. My brother lived with a Christian lady without marrying her for eight years. Now they have left each other. My brother wants to marry any Muslim lady. My parents have chosen a religious Muslim girl and my brother is very happy. Is this a right thing to do according to 'Surah An-Nur', as these days many people do this? My brother.. More

  • Seeks Expiation for Incest and other Zina

    I am 24. I used to have sex with my younger sister till I was 20, when I realized that it's not good. Then I had sex with some other girls. Now I'm very shameful for my acts. I want to compensate for all such sins. I live in Pakistan, and you know our government doesn't give Shari'a punishment.Please tell me how can I compensate for such major sin and.. More

  • Committing Zina and Seeking Repentance Afterwards

    Some people commit Zina knowing that it's a sin, but they plan to ask for repentance from Allah later on. Some other people don't do it knowing that it's a major sin and they know that they shouldn't be doing it. 1) Will the people who were committing Zina and asked for repentance from Allah be treated the same? 2) What if I commit Zina knowing that.. More

  • Youthful Incest with His Mother

    When I was 12 years old I used to sleep beside my mother who was 31 years old. I did not know what was right or wrong, and she allowed or encouraged sexual contacts with her from me. Now, when I remember that I cannot live or sleep as a good normal Muslim. What is my situation in Islam, what can I do for God to forgive me and her? .. More

  • Buying a woman for sex

    I am really confused. My wife does not satisfy my physical needs easily. My friend gave me horrible advice. In India there are some tribal people (non-Muslims) who sell their daughters. My friend told me that if I buy a woman I can have sex with her without marriage. Is it true?.. More

  • New Unmarried Muslim Pregnant and Confused

    I'm a 21-year-old girl from Lithuania, Europe. I'm a new Muslim and I would like to get some information about one case, actually my close friends case. She is a new Muslim too but she got serious problems now. The story is like this. The girl knew one Muslim guy. She liked him too much and it happened that they slept together. She was in London when.. More

  • Committing Zina with a Condom

    I assume that it is still considered from the Kaba'ir for a man to commit Zina by having sex with a woman even if he's wearing a condom, correct? .. More

  • A Married Man Kissed a Woman and Touched Her Hand

    I'm married and but I kissed a women and I touch her hands and I know that is mistake, but I don't know if this is Zina? .. More

  • Zina with Jewish Girl

    I live in United States and I had sex with a Jewish girl. Some of my friends said that's ok because she wants to. I feel that what I do is wrong, but I feel happy when I kiss her and when I squeeze her breasts and so on I want your opinion for what I do? .. More

  • Incest Between Brother and Sister

    What is the punishment of a brother who has sex with his sister? And how can he be forgiven? .. More