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  • Does Adultery Cause Prohibition of Establishing Marriage Relationship?

    If the husband commits adultery with the mother-in-law, will the wife get divorced? .. More

  • Committed Adultery with Neighbor's Wife

    Assalamu Alaikum Waramathulla wabarakathu. I Committed Zina with my neighbor's wife. Should I ask for forgiveness from the husband first or can I seek forgiveness from Allah and show remorse with sincere repentance. Which should I do please? I regret my actions. .. More

  • A Husband Forcing His Wife to Have Sex with Other Men

    What if a husband forces his wife to have sex with other man because he likes to see her having sex with other men and earning some money too.It’s been 14 years to marriage and 2 kids .. More

  • Committed Zina and Impregnated a Woman Who Wants to Become Muslim but He Does Not Wish to Marry Her

    As salaamu alaykum. I made the disgusting mistake of committing fornication with a female who is not Muslim but she is in the process of taking her shahadah. I have repented sincerely and taken action to prevent this from happening again. I have come to learn that there may be a possibility that she may be pregnant and I’m honestly in such a dark.. More

  • Committed Zina with Her before Conducting Islamic Marriage

    Alsalam alikum , I am a Muslim young man who lived in Europe and met a new Muslim girl we decided to get married, we told our families and they both agreed for the marriage and because we lived in a very systematic European country. The country had to do a lot of research before the allow us to get married (because I am not European) so our marriage.. More

  • Working Abroad; His Wife Committed Adultery with His Brother

    Asalamualaikum , I'm married and i have 3 kids have been away for almost 3 years and i use to visit my country every 6 months however my wife told that she cannot wait for more than 4 months for her intimacy as per sharia in this period she had made relation with my brother and i feel so devastated right now that i dont know what to do please guide.. More

  • Sexually Abused By Her Father and Uncles

    Salam, so I'm a 19 year old female and im also a survivor of sexual abuse. My father and a couple of my uncles used to molest me from the tender age of 4-5. It stopped around the age of 12. But to this day im scared and disgusted by the opposite gender. I have never told anyone about this and I'm afraid of going to therapy or telling someone because.. More

  • Definition of Zina and Acts Leading to Zina

    What is the practical definition of zina and in what category does any of the close to zina related action fall under? Are there any rights to be restored? Is a woman islamically still a virgin if her hymen got broken with a finger of a non-mahram man or engage in oral sex? Can she still marry a chaste man if her repentence is not good enough? .. More

  • Can’t Control His Sexual Desires

    I'm 27 and still single and I often feel very lonely as for many years I am living in U.S and I don't stay with my family members. I am having a very strong sexual desire in last few months and also committed zina with some non-muslim women. I just couldn't control my sexual desires. Also I am willing to get married since very long time but it's just.. More

  • Wants to Commit Zina as He Can’t Marry

    Assalamu alaykum my respected sheikhs, I am a 16 year old boy living in a western country. I come from a religious family that truly cares for me. I’m overly attracted to the opposite gender and I’m seriously considering having sexual intercourse with a girl even though I know the consequences of this action. I’m very confused and I don’t know.. More

  • Impregnated a Girl, Wants to Marry Her but Her Father Refuses

    i know some one who is really eager to find out if its a sin to abort the baby after being pregnant. This young man got his girl friend pregnant from zina and if their parents find out about being pregnant before marriage they will kick both of them out of their houses and cut family ties with them. That is why they believe they have no other option.. More

  • Protecting the Youth from Widespread Immorality

    There are many videos in the internet,which shows beautiful girls being gagged and tied up and kidnapped, and I have read that the west use these tactics to arouse sexual desires.They also do such acts in real life,for sexual pleasure.Many youths are addicted to these videos and cannot leave them,and also they cannot marry.Day by day their sexual desires.. More

  • Wife committed adultery while husband was abroad

    Hello, my wife and I are non-Muslim. We are very kind, so we help all poor people. One day, we invited an old Islamic beggar to live with us. Then, two or three years later. I got a job abroad and worked there for five or six years. When I came back later, I discovered that my wife had been living with that man as a family and had become a mother. What.. More

  • Touched mother's private part as child

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a question for my closed friend. At the age of 9 or 10 (3rd or 4th grade), he slept with his mother. Due to the bad society they live in, he learned about sexual intercoursein schooletc., so one night, while he was sleeping with his mother, he touched the private part of his mother with lust (at the age mention above) while.. More

  • Feeling attracted towards his mother

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Sometimes I feel attracted towards my mother. I feel disgusted with myself, but this is not under my control. What should I do when I feel like this? I want the feeling to go away. .. More