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  • Permissible Ways of Recreation Date: 20-6-2022

    Assalamu alaikum. If, for the sake of argument, a husband and wife have a swimming pool at home then can the wife wear bikini to swim. Or if they are exercising together, can she wear tight gym clothing. And can they set up a beach like environment at home and sunbathe wearing bikini because they like it or would these be considered a imitations of.. More

  • He Is Hesitant in Going out with His Mother who Wears Trousers Date: 23-8-2021

    My mother covers her hair and wears loose trousers but does not wear jilbaab. I asked a sheikh if I can walk with her outside and he said that what she is wearing is incorrect and I should not be endorsing it. So I do not walk outside with my mother. Dear sheikh please may you clarify this for me, is it makrooh or haraam for me to walk outside with.. More

  • Female Student Wants to Specialize in Surgery But Work Requires Wearing Pants Date: 23-1-2021

    I am a muslim woman and also medical student in non Islamic country. I was considering to specialize in surgery department and I want to know if this goes against my religion...why I said this is that in surgery, as you know the dressing code is pants for both sex. Is there any specific fetawa that allow me to wear trousers in such case or do I have.. More

  • Wearing Pleated Skirts Is Forbidden in Some Cases Date: 5-4-2020

    Asalm alaikom What is ruling on wearing pleated skirts? I've heard they wore them in greece for ceremonies ( i don't Know if they were religious or not) so i was wondering if it was haram to wear them because of this since they are quiet common nowadays. .. More

  • Wearing Brand-Name Underwear Date: 11-12-2019

    Salaam ‘Alaykum. Is it permissible to wear boxers/underwear that have the name of a disbeliever on it, such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.? Jazaakum-Allaah Khayran. .. More

  • Women Used to Wear Niqaab at the Time of the Prophet Date: 13-6-2019

    Salam aleikum. I have a question about niqab .. I have wore it for 7 years almost and i have the opinion its fardh but my husband is against it and he has diffrent reason that niqab wasent in time of Prophet for example that if im not wrong a sahaba saw Another mans wife out in night and Said i saw such and such so my husband Said if People wore niqab.. More

  • Designed a T-Shirt with Images Date: 16-4-2019

    AssalamualaikumI have designed and ordered a custom t-shirtYou can see them here ( animated figures are my imagination.Can I pray Salah wearing this? Because there is no pictures of living being.Eagerly waiting for your answerJazakAllah khaiyran .. More

  • Cutting Tips of Gloves to Use Mobile Phones Date: 10-4-2019

    Is it ok to cut tips of handgloves to touch mobile or cloth etc...? .. More

  • Nothing Wrong In Wearing Clothes with Non-Muslim Trademarks Date: 7-10-2018

    There is a brand of inexpensive clothing in the western U.S.A. called Pro-club They have various slogans, such as "be professional, join the club" and in the About Us section it says"QUALITY IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND EVERY PROCLUB PRODUCT.WE PREFER SUBSTANCE OVER FLASH AND STRIVE FOR THE AUTHENTIC, CLASSIC, AND TRUE. WE TAKE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SERIOUSLY.. More

  • Wearing Pants before her Brothers and Listening to Anasheed by Men Date: 26-3-2018

    can a girl listen to men singing Islamic nasheeds?can she wear pants in front of her brothers? .. More

  • Woman wearing men's clothes few minutes or for warmth Date: 7-9-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. My aunt was arguing with me that it is okay for a woman to wear a man's shoes for a few minutes and that this does not constitute imitating men. Is this true? My aunt also said that it is okay for a woman to wear a man's clothes if they are warm and she is unable to find anything for her gender in the store. Is this true? Please kindly.. More

  • Wife wearing husband's undershirt to save money Date: 16-4-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Can a wife wear her husband's undershirt in order to save money? It is an undergarment, and nobody except the family knows. The undershirt is the white undergarment (usually sleeveless, or it may have short sleeves) which men wear under their shirts. .. More

  • Women may use silk pillowcases Date: 6-7-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is it haram for women to use silk pillowcases? I know that it is haram for men, but what about a married woman that wants to use a silk pillowcase for skin/hair purposes? Is there any reference about this in the Quran? May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Can a woman wear sandals? Date: 3-9-2015

    Is it permissible for a young woman who observes the Hijaab to wear sandals? .. More

  • Conditions for permissibility of wearing high heels for women Date: 2-9-2015

    Is it permissible for a Muslim woman to wear shoes with high heels that do not produce a sound while walking? If the answer is no, then what should a short girl do? .. More